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So much for fair weather friends


New Member
How can you tell which ones are real? They act nice to me and then walk-out on me when bad things happen. Every friend I ever had are fair weather.


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A friend is someone who accepts you or whatever situation you might be in. They might try to help you change, but there's still an acceptance behind the offer. And of course, they'll support you in bad situations.


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i have loads of fair weather friends, I also have friends who think i should organize my own birthday party this year and invite them :confused:


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
The problem is that we do give our friends the benefit of the doubt and believe them to be true until that time they walk away from us. I'm sorry to hear that all of your friends were fair weathered. Have you tried telling any one of them how you feel? It's possible you could also be misinterpreting their actions. When I was in gradeschool I felt "abandoned" by 3 friends who I considered very close. Talking to them years later about this, they thought I was the one who abandoned them. So yeah, there could be just a miscommunication.

Or maybe when you do feel bad, you tend to push away people. Who knows? I think it would help to talk to them and say how you feel.


Fair weather people are not worth to be considered friends.
A true friend is someone who stays by you during the hard times.
Until now I haven't had any friends like that.

If this has happened to you with all those you have considered 'friends' then you need to think about your attitude. Just like Ys said, there could be something wrong with you during your hard times.
Though, a true friend would stay beside you even when you are wrong about your attitude.
So whatever your problem could be, I don't think them getting away could be justified.


New Member
Thanks guys. Y'all the only ones who understnad. What happenbed was that a coworker refused to be my friend from DAY 1 and that sucked. Initially, everyone else talked to me, but as soon as that coworker hurt me, they walked out.