So lost

I still have a virus and have no clue how to get ride of it. Its really slowing down my computer and everytime I try and do a virus scan the programs will do them and say I have so many virus and then ask me to pay so much for the full program and I have no way to buy a antivirus program. I also keep getting little balloons in the courner like this:

I am so lost and have no clue what to do. I feel so helpless, please somebody help me get ride of this sh*t. Thanks :(
AVG Free is an excellent professional quality virus scanner which they offer to private individuals for free... I suggest you download it (
Spybot Search&Destroy is a really good spyware scanner which is free... I suggest you download it (
You may also want to look into Ad-Aware SE Personal, SpySweeper, Spyware Blaster, and Semantic Anti-Virus, which come in varying degrees of free, but for now those first two I linked to should be fine.

Boot up in safe mode (here's how:
Run the anti-virus and the anti-spyware scans, and have them fix whatever problems they come across there. Then run them again just to be safe.
Restart and boot up normally this time... things should be better, but again just to be on the safe side it can't hurt to scan again if you've got the time.

If you have more problems after this, let me know what viruses/whatever it is specifically that you have and maybe I can give more specific help.
I downloaded both programs and then booted in safe mode and then ran them and I am now running them again. It did nothing it located about 6 viruses and then when I tried to clean/delete/put into a virus vault it said this is not avalible or something along those lines. I still have the viruses and I still get those ballons that pop up. I still get that bad Image thing I metioned on anther thread. I have no clue what to do now ever anti-virus program I download so far has told me what the problem is but also says it cannot fix it at all. Mc Afee got rid of a few viruses but then did not do anything else but added to the problem by asking to remove a problem from time to time only to tell me it cannot be done, so why ask in the first place. I have delt with a few tough viruses before and this one I cannot get rid of and it is pissing me off. Also is there a way to turn off all those ballons that pop up because I know I have a problem I just don't want to be told ever 2 minutes that I have this problem and that problem. Thank you again for all your help senator.
That's really bizarre, I've never had that problem... on the few rare occasions I've had a virus, it's cleaned it without a problem.

Maybe... let me know what viruses you have specifically (the program should at least tell you that) and I can try to find individual fixes for them...? I donno what else to tell you.

If it's too bad, you may just have to reformat.


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Try a system restore, restore your computer to a couple days be for this started happening. It should fix it. My computer was doing the exact same thing. I kept scanning my computer hoping it would fix it but it kept trying to make me buy something better then I tried a system restore(Reset my computer like 3 days before now it works awesome).
A system restore is great, if you happen to have a good system restore point. I know personally I don't have anything setting those up for me, so if I were to use one, it would either go way back and I'd lose tons of data or it would be so recent that I'd probably still have the virus. Still, might be worth a try...


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Well it takes like 5 seconds to do one. If you have something you want to keep just save it to a disc. But I think that would solve his problem. Also a system restore lets you go back at least 2 months. If he can remember when he started having problems he can set it like a day before that day.
How exactly do I go about doing this restore thing. I mean I know alot about computer it's just I am sure people remember my month leave from this site was because I made a minor mistake on the computer and messed everything up. Now I second guess myself and have low confidence. Thanks for everything once again (If you would like points or anything just say so) I tend to not even care about the point system here because it is kind of pointless :( .
"There are two ways to access System Restore – through Help and Support or through your All Programs folder.

Through Help and Support:

Click Start, and then click Help and Support.

Under Pick a Task, click Undo changes to your computer with System Restore.

Follow the instructions on the wizard.

Through the All Programs menu:

Click Start.

Point to All Programs.

Point to Accessories.

Point to System Tools.

Click System Restore.

Follow the instructions on the wizard."
( which also has lots more info on System Restore Points)
I tried it three times and it said this action cannot be completed of something along those lines. I tried the virus scan a few more times and got ride of a number of the viruses but, I still have them in my computer. I am still getting useless pop ups (Including porn ones that I cannot have because I live with much younger kids in the house). I also am still getting that Image error thing: