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So I've Decided


For a Free Scotland
Last night I lit up some Nag Champa and pondered the two schools I'd been accepted to and were interested in- Whitman College and George Washington University. It took hours, but I finally managed to figure out where the pros and cons were, and I'm now officially in the Whitman class of 2013.

Feels good to decide. Let's do this shit!


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Congratulations on making your decision. After pondering for hours the pro's and cons of each school, what made you decide to go to Whitman College?


Supreme System Lord
Congratulations on your placement.

What swung your decision?

It's choices like these that can effect the rest of your life so lets hope you'vew nailed it!!

I wish you the best of luck at your new college.


For a Free Scotland
Well for GWU the appeal was obvious- it's in central DC blocks from major landmarks and organization headquarters, and feet away from the Metro system that can get you to most of DC including norhtern Virginia. However, mostly I thought of reasons I didn't want to go- its size, its heavy focus on graduate and professional programs, rather than the undergraduates, its bueracracy. Whitman only had one real con- being in the middle of nowhere in eastern Washington. Outside of that, my visit was positive, my interview was positive, and all the people I'd interacted with were friendly and no-nonsense.

Its politics program may not have the breadth, but the teachers are very bright and it's way easier to work with them. To get the big-city feel, I'll probably study abroad or go to graduate school in a large city like NYC or DC.


Living on the 0th floor
Congrats on making your decision! I am glad my decision wasn't too difficult, I choose the University who's acceptance letter did not have any grammatical or spelling errors. Now, I expect grad school is going to be a more difficult choice.

I know you will be happy with your choice, both school are very prestigious and undoubtedly wonderful schools to go to.


For a Free Scotland
I choose the University who's acceptance letter did not have any grammatical or spelling errors.
Part of the reason I threw away most of the Arizona State mail I got after I was accepted was that their political science homepage had two glaring spelling errors (they misspelled 'politics' and 'governor').


Son of Liberty
Nice makes you feel good when even a college has stupid errors like that.

Congrats on your choice, hopefully you make the most of it!


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Congratulations Kaz. Weren't you also considering a school here in Europe that has a good graduate program?


For a Free Scotland
I was considering St. Andrews in Scotland, but the distance and the pound-dollar exchange rate scared me off. I may study in Europe junior year unless I'm taking a language intensively and want to work on that.