so it's back, huh?



i was back in some forum with krusade and he notified me of this new board

i hope it's exciting, i've been frequenting a high-traffic board for the past 3-odd years, i hope this doesn't suck

anyway, what's up guys.
This Al Dawg? If so what up man. lol

yea i was just gettin on all my multi names spammin. Tho glad another fc dude joined :D welcome and try to get cloud up in here lol


fusion central > *

anyone that cares to debate this in know how to contact me



Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Welcome Shaefer. Just to let let you know I was the other admin on Fusion-Central. Glad to see old members coming joining the new version of them. Hopefully you become an active member here and I am sure you won't have to worry about the activity about these forums cause there pretty high enough. Anyways I'll see ya around I guess. Enjoy yourself.