So is it possible...

Would it possible if you are fifteen years old, running away to easily catch a flight from Hawaii to California without anyone finding you?

Not saying I'm planning to attempt it, I'm just curious.:rolleyes:

Sorry if this is the wrong thread to be posting in. First post since I joined today...


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Running away is not going to solve any problems no matter where you go... It may prolong them but definitely won't solve them.

Sorry, that's probably not what you wanted to hear but someone had to say it.


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Why would you want to know that?

What's so bad at home that you'd want to run away? I know several people that wanted to run away, I convinced them all (3 of them) that it was a bad idea.


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If the problems at home are abuse related or place the "escaper" in question in danger or immediate threat, then the local authorities are the people with whom to speak. If, however, it is a straightforward case of teenage growing pains, then the person in question would be surprised to discover how far-off the limits of the human spirit are and what strength-through-fire can be achieved by toughing out said situation.


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You called?

Ok, firstly, you should really think about what the people before me said. They are all right. If anything, running away will make matters worse, both immediately and in the future. Don't do it!!!

To answer your question though, yes, it would be very difficult to do. Airline staff tend to notice things (speaking from experience). Although you are no longer considered a minor, you are still veryyoung and they tend to take extra care of where youngsters go. Not to mention the difficulties you will have once you get to your destination. It's not worth it.

Rather stay and fight! Or tell your friend to stay or fight!! ;)
I assume no one believes me when I say I'm not running away after reading these reponses, but eh, what can you do. XD
I'm just curious is all. My friend and I talk about this kind of stuff all the time, it's just something fun to speculate. It doesnt mean either of us will attempt it. Though I do appreciate the concern and warnings you all left here. You all must be very nice people. :D


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If you fly, there will be records of your travel and it would be easy to track you down. Where would you live? Where would you work? It can't be easy for a 15 year old to find a job.


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The reason why people don't believe you is because there's a reason why you asked, and it's not just out of curiousity.

Think before you act my friend, your very young so you don't know how tough it is in the real world, especially when your only fifteen years old. You would have a real hard time surviving. So don't do anything stupid my friend.


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i think it is very humorous. there are so many traffic arteries to pass, but ithas happened in fact. the staff should be responsible for this.