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So.....I'm pretty wasted right now!


Well-Known Member
Yeah, today one of my co-worked from the Boys and Girls Club had a party for the staff members at his house today at 6pm, first there were 4 of us and we talked then the rest of the crew showed up making a total of 9 all together (excluding 3 who didn't come). We drank shots of Tequilla (Jose Cuervo Black I think it was called), Natty Bo, Budd Light, Natural Light, Vodka and shots of whatver. We also swam in the pool and rememised on the summer time when we all worked together. Around 12ish I peaced-out for another party with friends from school I graduated with and haven't seen since I went to boot camp, good tiems there.

So now I'm home, prety wasted and just brushed my teeth for all the alcohol, Blck and Milds I smoked and food I've eaten for the day. I'm surprised my level of commitment on typing tonight but I'm also online with AIM so that might account for something. I was suppose to work at nursing tonight but.....I said f*** it and drank my ass off. Man, I'm feeling it though for sure....:D



rainbow 11!
lol You'll feel like hell in the morning.


A Darker Knight
so this is the example you;re setting for the Club huh? :D


That is the be drunk typing I have ever seen in my life. Congrats!
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