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So I just noticed


The Hierophant
I just noticed that kcdad is banned. I was just wondering if he's been banned because he's a terrible debater or if it's because he doesn't understand the difference between rules/laws/commandments and general guidelines?

Either way, I give a serious, heart felt HAAAAA HAAAAAAAAA to all of this. :lol:


The Hierophant
Maybe it's because his DICK is your FACE with my dick all over YOUR FACE!


I'm serious
He is?? :eek:mg: This makes me happy. I noticed he wasn't posting anymore, but have not seen whether he was banned or not.

I would like to know who banned him. The mod who banned him deserves a reward!


Son of Liberty
I hadn't even realized he was banned. Very cool, that dude is such a douche.