So I have a question.


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I'm sorry if this is in the wrong category. I have trouble deciding which one to put stuff in.
Anyways, so my a classmate of mine posted in the duscussion board that my answer to a question was "inappropriate/off topic"
So my question is this, was it? I'll give you the question and answer. I don't think it is, but what do I know.

The question was: "Food is a basic necessity of life. Some countries have more favorable conditions for producing food than others.
How should food be distributed equitably throughout the world?"

My answer was: "Food is a basic necessity for survival, if a person didn't eat for a certain amount of time, he or she could die. It is scary thought, dying by starvation, starvation in general is scary. So the question is, how should food be equitably distributed throughout the world.
Well, if you look at it from a scientific veiwpoint, according to Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection, only those individuals that are strong will survive. So, in that mindset, all the food should be given to the stronger nations and the weaker nations should die out or adapt (merge with the stronger country). But thats the wrong way to answer the question. The only fair way to distribute food accross the world would be by means of trade. Someone worked hard to produce the food, someone worked hard to transport it, etc. and these workers deserve to be compensated for all that they had done. If all countries stick to their comparative advantages, just producing what they produce the best and most efficiently, trading should be simple. So everyone gets compenstation for their labor, mostly everyone has food, and everyone is happy.

Idk. I thought I did well.