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So I finally flipped out on the office gossiper...


Hell, It's about time!
So yea... I flipped the fuck out on our office gossiper today. It wasn't pretty, and the whole warehouse heard it. This 40 year old woman is in the "click" with about 2 or 3 other people... and she gossips A LOT.

Normally she is hush, hush about it, but today she was bitching about someone to another co-worker, and that co-worker was kind of egging her on. It was loud enough that I could clearly hear the conversation. She was complaining about how "That fat ass stupid girl did XYZ thing... this is stupid, she is stupid because of this and that etc..."

She complains and gossips a lot. It pisses me off quite a bit because I sit next to her and listen to it all day, and watch her whisper and point like a fucking 12 year old.

Finally I spoke up because I have had enough of her crap. It basically went down something like this:

Me: "Why do you always have to talk about people like that? Why can't you just grow the fuck up and stop gossiping like a 12 year old middle schooler, it gets really fuckin old"?
Her: :shifteyes: (She tried to interject something here about why she was complaining about XYZ person, I just blew her off and continued)
Me: "Seriously, it's fucking old and I've had enough of it, I know many other people have had it up to here with you running your mouth, so just STFU already and grow the fuck up"
Her: :tic:

At that point I just got up and walked off before I punched something out of anger.

As I walked off to add salt to the wound I announced to the person she was talking about so the whole warehouse could hear:

"Hey Jess, Shirl is talking about how your fat ass is stupid for doing XYZ, just thought I'd let you and everyone else know".

Everyone in the warehouse froze and looked at me and then her for saying that. I thought she was going to damn near cry the look on her face. I took a quick walk to blow off the steam and came to sit back down and finish my work. I got a few pat on the backs and "good on you man" comments from other co-workers saying she deserved that.

She didn't say ONE word to anyone for the last hour or so we were there for the day, even to the people in her little click.

I felt rather accomplished telling her off. I was SO fucking tired of her mouth and she finally just struck that nerve and I went off.

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The Hierophant
Well good for you.

I've done things like that where I work. Only it's not so much me flipping on people that are gossiping as it is me flipping out on people that aren't working. I stock shelves for a living and the people that I work with also stock shelves for a living. NOT A FUCKING HARD JOB AT ALL! Just do your fucking job, stop walking around, stop talking on your cell phone, stop talking to other people. DO YOUR FUCKING JOB!

I really wish I could fire people that I work with.


Hell, It's about time!
Just a side note... I'd also like to point out that I got livid as fuck, like pissed to the point that I'd of loved to punch the wall and throw a chair... yet no one got shot. So much for the guns in a heated argument myth.


Hell, It's about time!
This thread was awesome until that last post. Way to ruin it.
Uh oh... did ideology clash with reality again? Silly me :lol:

And yes, this post was awesome... all of it.
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rainbow 11!
Nooo, it was just it can be annoying when awesome threads turn serious unless it already had a some what serious topic to begin with.


Creeping On You
Kayleigh, did you ever explain to Lauren what a bingo dabber was?


Hell, It's about time!
This is better then sex in case you didn't notice...

So I can talk about purple monkeys eating my socks and it would still be in line with the OP :)


Creeping On You
Your mom was a purple monkey that ate socks...