So how about those candidates...


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What do you guys think of the candidates for president for next year? Hillary?


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I would never vote for Hillary just because of what her husband did, and he supports her fully, readers digest rated her on a whole bunch of stuff, I'll see if I can't find that article and post it soon.


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I don't vote, so I can't have an opinion about the candidates.

Oh wait, yes I can, I have free will.

I think both Obama and Clinton have good shots at being president, with Hilary having the slight edge for her name, gender, and personal strength. Obama has race going against him (let's face it, America is racist and there isn't a damn thing we can do about it right now), but he has several good points to his platform.

I don't know much about the republicans, but Guliani (sp?) is running on a 9/11-heavy platform and seems, to me, to be the front-runner for them.

If you ask my family, they'll tell you that a republican has the presidency all the way for the elections. If you ask me, I say it's still up in the air until we get close to election day, and no one will know until "the last" member of the electoral college puts his vote in and we find out exactly what the next four to eight years will be like in America.

Here's to the luck of the draw, hopefully we get someone who lowers the taxes on the middle class. I make $300 (ish) every two weeks from a gross of $450+. How is that fair to me when I'm trying to raise a child, pay a car payment, go to college full time (for a master's degree, mind you), and move out of the parent's basement? Screw the American economy. It hates lower class and lower-middle class Americans. I want a flat tax, and I want it now.

So, which candidates are running on a flat-tax?


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the flat tax guys are (supposedly) Mitt Romney, Huckabee, Ron Paul, Hunter and maybe one or 2 others.

If anyone thinks Clinton can't win, you're wrong, sorry to say. There is a demographic shift that will hit in 2008. I read about this years ago, so I'm not sure if the facts are 100%, but here goes. In 2008, 40% of the population will be either single mom, Hispanic, African-American or some other minor groups. These groups have one thing in common: they vote 80%-95% Democrat every term.

The old political system of getting 50% of the country to vote for you is dead. This is the campaign of the future: Give each group one thing that will solidify them. $5000 education credit sound familiar? No one in this country wants that except single moms and maybe 1st generation Hispanics. Pass out something for gay America, something for African-American and all of a sudden, you've got 90%+ of 40% of the population. That's 36% of the vote decided before the election starts. regardless of how negative most people see Hilary Clinton, if she has 36% of the vote, all she really needs is 10% of the remainder population and an Independent running to sew things up.

Do this: take out every homosexual, African-American, Hispanic and single mom you know. Of everyone else you know, do you think 1 in 10 of those people will vote for her? I think so. If you are a white person and hang out mostly with like people, very few of your friends would vote for her. That small % could be what puts her in.


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I would agree with a flat tax. It would make everything a lot simpler so more people could actually pay their taxes w/o the government breathing down their backs...
If you're going to say that you hate our electoral system, then I'd say you should at least offer an alternative you think would be better. I wouldn't say I'm too fond of the system my self, but we would still need a plausible alternative.
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Is Ralph Nader running again? He'd get my vote. Fuck all republicans and democrats.


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you could vote for denise kuchinesh.

He has alot of the qualities of Ralph Nadar. He's anti-political, short and completely insane.
Yeah, I actually like Dennis Kucinich the best out of all the Democratic candidates. Unfortunately he won't win the nomination.


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Well, there are two types of voters, (not counting those who don't vote.. because hey, technically they aren't voters).. Those two types are:

Those who vote for the candidate they would rather tolerate, and those who vote for the candidate they honestly believe in.

Personally I don't see any point in voting for somebody who doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell of getting into office. To each his/her own though. I believe the term is a "calculated loss" or "selling short". ;)