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So good being home!!


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If you havent noticed, I was gone the last few days. Well, My mom took us on a small vacation.

We took my kids to Disneyland/California Adventure for 3 days, This was there first trip there. We stayed at the Paradise Pier Hotel one of the Disneyland Resorts. My son, who's 5 years old was just tall enough to hit his head on the 48" signs, so we basically got to go on EVERYTHING.

First ride. Its a Small World, Had to do it first. Im glad we did this first. We hit Autopia next, then the fun began. We hit Star Tours, one of my favorite rides when I was a kid. The Matterhorn Bobsleds our first "wild" one. and boy my kids LOVED IT, we hit it all 3 days. I thought for sure they would get scared. NOPE! We hit most of the small rides like the Tea Cups, then we hit Splash Mountain. My son got to sit in front all 3 times we rode it.

After that we hit California adventure. I didnt have my hopes up because alot of people have told me that it basically sucked. But boy, it was cool.

We hit the Grizzly River Run all 3 days,this along with Splash Mountain were daughter's favorite, why, because she got WET. After that we hit the Golden Zephyr. I dont get why they call it golden, when the thing is SILVER!! Hit the Orange Stinger, Jumpin Jellyfish, and the Maliboomer. Then it was time for the big one.

Screamin California, this was another ride we hit all 3 days. The funniest part about it... On the third day, right after we got off the ride, someone lost a hat, it got stuck on the tracks and stuck 3 cars at various spots on the track.

We hit the Tower of Terror. it was a fun ride, and My son couldnt get enough of it, After that ride, its all he could talk about. Of course, I had to buy him the "I Survived" t-shirt

We hit every ride, except the really kiddy ones. My kids had a good time, as did the 3 adults that were there.

The nightly fireworks shows were awsome, one of the "Cast Members" told me it costs them 1500 a night. Tinkerbell looks totally REAL, wigglin legs and all. We got to see the Fantasmic show last night. lots of lighting effects, flames and more fireworks. The show is held of the "Rivers of America" (yes on the actual water) and alot of Charater acting on Tom Sawers island.

It just feels good to be home. I feel like Ive walked a few hundred miles as we walked back and forth between the parks several times every day, I even still have parts of the stamp for all 3 days on my left hand lol. I know I will hate going back to work, heck, I hate being back in the heat, but glad to be able to sleep in my own bed tonight.


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Welcome back tater.. Glad you had a great vacation.and all went well for ya.
Bet the kids still have a smile on there face and a song in there heart to tell all.
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I'm glad you had so much fun!! I love disney land but have never had the chance to go to the calafornia adventures :( Oh well, some day!!


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I'm glad you had such a great time! :D There is nothing more fun than kids and Disney! We went to Disney Orlando last November and had a blast! We were lucky enough to be there for the grand opening of the Stich ride (look at the my kids pics in this section) and got to see Cinderellas castle TP'd, it was so funny!!!! I know what you mean about being glad to be home, we were there for a week and it took about 2 weeks to recover! Post some pic's so we can all share a bit in your fun!


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I have LOTS of pictures. My mom bought a digital camera right before we left, and I got to take 99% of the pictures.

My kids also got the autograph of 20+ different disney characters, I have pics of those also. There were a few we saw, but never got signitures.
We missed Captian Hook, Cruella De Ville, Goofy, Prince Charming.

Got Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Pluto, Lilo, Stitch, Princess Aurora, Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Snow White, Geppetto, Wendy Darling, Woody and Jessie, Eeyore (cool signiture, e's are backwards), Pooh, Tigger (used his own orange pen), Mad Hatter, Chip and Dale, Buzz!

Out of all the characters, Buzz has the worst signiture, but the others are GREAT, I couldnt believe some of the stuff the people in full costume (with foam hands or fingers stuck together) could do. Pluto signed his name, then drew a dogbone around it.


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Welcome back tater...we missed ya.... I am so glad that you had so much fun...sheeeesh I bet you did walk a few hundred miles....
we are going to Disneyland in September...I can't wait...i have never been...although I am not a rides kinda person...but I will enjoy watching the kids have fun....
Glad to have you back


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Glad you had such a great time Tater, and welcome home! When I was a kid and went to Disneyland, Tinkerbell was REAL!!! She used to fly from the top of Sleeping Beauty's Castle right as the fireworks started. Yep, a real girl hanging from a wire! You guys in here all going to Disney parks make me miss it...I live right here an hour and a half from Disneyland and haven't been there in years! I've never even seen California Adventure. Now I feel the need to see the Electrical Parade. (Do they still do it?) I guess I'll have to go this year.


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They do the Electrical parade over at California Adventures, Ill post some pics of it too... its changed alot from what I remember

One part I dont like about it, the added... "A California Orinigal" on the main float that used to just say "Disney's Electrical Parade"

also... The submarine ride was closed, but the monorail still goes through it. I got to take a peek at it and looks like they are just renovating it. I remember the last time I was there the water was real bad, ad you couldnt see alot of stuff. hopefully they will put it back as a updated ride. There wasnt any water in it, and someone had said they just removed the water 3 weeks ago.


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Anyone here old enough to remember when you could ride real burros around in a fake grand canyon? That was truly cool.


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Cool for you! Glad you had a great time! (another persons brain I can pick IF we end up hitting DL this year....or before the celebration ends) Did you happen to notice the mosaic (sp)? type pictures around the park? They are made up on individual photos? Anyway my kid is on Steamboat Willie 3 times and Alice in Wonderland once. Since we've never been to DL in CA we're hoping to get there before it's all over. Anyway how lame or good are the pics if you happened to notice them? Wow I'm really going to have to do my research. Never heard of half of the things you mentioned. BTW I haven't seen the new celebration fireworks but in FL the last time I saw them (about a yr ago) Tink was a real person. Anyway Welcome Back!!! (HEY! What's wrong with the kiddie rides? :D)

Trina you really don't have to be a ride person to enjoy about 80% of the parks (yeah I've never done DL or CA adventure so I'm not sure about percentages there) I do NOT do thrill rides or coasters but there are TONS of other kinds of rides that are really tame but still fun. Some of the shows and stuff are really cool too.