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TV So does MTV even show music videos anymore?


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Does MTV or MTV2 even show music videos anymore?

I remember when thats all they showed, none of this other crap that they have on now.

You know the last time I checked the M in MTV stood for MUSIC not "Spoiled Rich Brats On Their 16th Birthdays""or drunken 20 somethings, or any of the other reality crap that they have on now.

Now can anyone answer this for me?..... now, we all know that MTV doesn't play hardly any video's, and MTV2 doesn't play many videos either for that matter.....so why oh why do they still even have the MTV music awards.?


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I hate everything about MTV and I refuse to watch it anymore. It makes me sick how teens idolize the people on Real World or Super Sweet 16. MTV needs to go back to music and nothing but music.


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Yeah I used to watch MTV alot when they had all the good video clips and played episodes of Beavis and Butthead, those are the days lol.


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MTV= Shit in a TV set.

The name of the station LIES to you. It should just be called all reality tv or something because they're NOT mtv anymore.


Hold on I just remembered they do show music videos.

But only for like 2 hours and late at night when everyone's sleep.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
I gave up on them and went to YouTube, if I want to watch some music videos, atleast there I can make my own playlist and see what I want to see and no commercials.

When i'm feel nostalgic, I will turn on VH1 and watch I love the 80`s and Metal Mania, but even VH1 is getting as bad as MTV with all the reality shows and other crap and playing fewer and fewer videos, but what do you expect when MTV owns VH1.

Personally I would like to go back to the 80's and stop it all right at the source, the very first non Video show MTV ever aired. Remote Control (classic show) but I hold this show solely responsible for the downward spiral that came from the shows success, after that show aired and went big MTV add more and more non-music videos shows and less music videos, thus creating the crap we have on there today.
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Also of note is the fact that they are taking TRL off the air in the near future (next month I think). And you know, why not. It's not like they show music videos anyway. That schedule slot can easily be filled with some Real World/Rob and Big/My Super Sweet 16/whatever-the-fuck-else-they-air reruns.


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I actually think I have those channels blocked now because they are worthless. I remember back in the day when the videos were good and like at 1 or 2 AM you had liquid television with the excellent cartoons. I actually bought the Aeon Flux series on DVD :)