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so does anyone else have trouble telling when they're being sarcastic?


Likes snow
Cause it seems like an ever increasing problem for me distinguishing between when I'm being serious and when I'm not.


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[SARCASM]These sarcasm tags aren't annoying at all[/SARCASM]

People actually use them? Wow...


Likes snow


Likes snow
I say completely truthful things in a sarcastic way.

So there's something of a line blurring there


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But how would that help me?

I'm the one that has trouble distinguishing my own intent.
Somehow I didn't realize that you really meant what you wrote in the OP. I purposely misread to mean what I responded to, yet you actually meant that you can't distinguish... Um... that's a thinker. CAn I get back to you on that?


Likes snow
Depends on the circumstances. Currently, no, but sometimes it has. Usually for seemingly unrelated reasons.
And by seemingly unrelated, I mean stuff like, my leg is bleeding, or I have a headache.
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