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So... Did you get Vista yet?


Registered Member
There's no way I'm getting Vista until they get rid of all the glitches and bugs.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Its Windows. You'll never be free of all the glitches and bugs. New ones pop up as much as hair on a 12 year old's naughty bits.


I am Heavy Weapons Guy
I think that right now I will stay with Windows xp professional, it has done fine for me so far.


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I have Vista, and while I don't "love" it - IE7 still locks up far too often for my taste - my "dirty upgrade" (over XP Media Center) almost a year ago (hey, I talk tech on TV, so I need stuff like this to talk about) it went pretty darn smooth. Are there still blocked startup programs I can't figure out how to clean out? Yes. Did Norton 360 v2 cause all sorts of HD thrashing until recent updates? Sure. Are PC's a pain at times? Absolutely;)


Well-Known Member
I still don't have vista and I'm totally fine, they still have some issues to work out. My dad got vista, it's pretty cool other than the fact that even with an AMD LIVE Phenom 64 x4 and 3 GB of DDR2 it still runs super slow, the security is definitely a lot better but not enough to make me want to switch.


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I don't blame anyone for sticking with XP, but really haven't seen too much of a speed hit with Vista. So who's up for Windows 7? Heh:lol:


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i really don't like vista, it's to flashy and it hides everything from you, you have to go around the houses to find anything, it's slow and sluggish to much stuff on it, want to go back to XP


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Yep, it went on sale this morning, and I saw news reports of people lining up at midnight for the release.

I think I need to wait and upgrade my hardware first, so I'm not going to be an early adopter.

What about you?

If you got it, whaddya think?

I think you are absolutely right about upgrading hardware first. I figured out I would need a new case to fit the new motherboard for the new processor with the extra gig of DDR, not to mention, a seperate video card good enough for Aero. It's like the Mac ad says "It's major surgery"

Plus (and this is just me) if I'm going to make the effort to upgrade to a new Intel Core 2 Duo with two gigs of RAM, there is a good chance it's going to have an Apple logo on the back.