So called "Bad Wrestlers"

Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by Babe_Ruth, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. Babe_Ruth

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    As every wrestling fans know by now, there's a lot of bad wrestlers in the WWE. I'll name a present wrestler and an old wrestler to use an example for my topic hand. The present wrestler who is arguably the worse wrestler in the WWE today is The Great Khali, the past wrestler that was awful in the ring is Giant Gonzalez. Now I think everyone can agree that these two were very awful in the ring, but it's a good thing that they are in the WWE. These two wrestlers attract fans, a lot of people want to see these guys when they go to a WWE event because of their sizes.

    Now when it comes to the very knowledgable fan then they might not have the same opinion, but when it comes to the average fan, or someone that is starting to watch the sport, they'll enjoy watching Khali because of his size and not what he brings to the table.

    Do you guys agree that WWE needs so called "Bad Wrestlers"?

  2. wooly

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    I think that wrestling is always going to be plagued by wrestlers who are only in there because of a gimmick, usually size, and not any wrestling ability. The fact is if you're the size that Khali is, Vince is going to love you. I do think it's a very old fashioned though. It reminds me of videos i'd see from the very early days of wrestling when size was probably more of a factor. There wasn't many 'high flying' wrestlers back then, but people could be awed by two goliaths wrestling eachother. I think nowadays people rather to see athletic moves, bordering on gymnastic at times! But Vince can't seem to drop his slow, big man fetish :p
  3. Tucker

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    Yeah, I think they even need non-wrestlers: Santino, Hornswoggle, the recently departed Boogeyman... their entertainment value has dick to do with any in-ring skills they may have, and yet many of us perk up when they're doing their bit on camera. The "Santina" bit, I mean come on. That's the best drag comedy bit I've seen in years.

    And while we're on the subject, bring back the Khali Kiss Cam!

  4. Millz

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    Wrestling is a freak show...kind of like a circus sometimes. I dont mind tall guys who cant wrestle around but I also dont want them to take up too much time on my television either.

    They serve a purpose, that's for sure.
  5. Merc

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    I can't stand guys like Khali but that's because he's not only horrible in ring, but he has no abilities on the mic and pictures like the one Tuck posted just make my stomach churn.

    Although I do love Santino, he's got to be one of the more entertaining aspects of the show.
  6. Chaos

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    Well, it is true that Vince McMahon loves big guys (no gay jokes intended. :hah:), so there are always going to be big guys in the WWE. Whether or not these wrestlers have skill isn't always going to be a factor of their participation in a match, because when you look at a big guy you think 'strong guy', and strong guys can pull off the more...'hefty' moves, which obviously are more popular and entertaining.


    So, I think that these kind of wrestlers are always going to be in the WWE to some degree, because people like to see big guys who can pull off the stronger moves.
  7. HeartBreakKid

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    I agree with Chaos, WWE need big guys to pull off the better, stronger moves and they are better to watch.

    Ha ha, Santino Marella, it dosent get much better than when he screws up! :) LOL. i've got some examples but i need to make 15 posts before i can post the link!

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