So are we going to see a 2000 yard rusher?

Discussion in 'NFL' started by Swiftstrike, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Swiftstrike

    Swiftstrike Registered Member

    Seriously the last few 2000 yard rushers were Jamal Lewis and Terrell Davis. Are we going to see one this year?

    I think theres only a couple that have a chance this year.

    Larry Johnson he gets so many carries and he is alot of the chief's offense.

    Stephen Jackson this guy has the endurance to do it.

    I cant even say LT because Mike turner spots him alot and if they get into the playoff hunt you will see more MT and less LT.

    I doubt we will see one this year...

  2. if anybody i would say LT, i dunno, maybe stephen jackson, id like to go homer and say reggie bush but thats not gon na heppen
  3. Zanthrax54

    Zanthrax54 Guest

    Don't fall asleep on the Bronco's new starting running back, Travis Henry, if he is able to stay healthy, I think 2,000 yards is definitely a possibility...he's a tough lil SOB and he's very fast. so far, I like what I've seen from him.
  4. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    I believe Chris Brown has a chance to reach it, that's if he stays healthy. The reason why I say that is because the Titans don't have any wide receivers, so they'll have to run the ball, Brown has been under the radar for years, because he hasn't played a full season. He had a great first game, and I don't see him slowing down.

    Larry Johnson and Jackson are always a possibility to reach 2000 yards but they need to run the ball better then they did week one.
  5. Zanthrax54

    Zanthrax54 Guest

    Chris Brown is a nice Sleeper choice although I don't think he is quite that good. I really believe he got lucky in that opening day game. Also, I think the Titans want to eventually let Lendale White get half the carris and make him the feature back. It was certainly a good start for him.

    Also, I totally agree with them not having any big name receivers, but I fully expect one to emerge, Vince Young is too good not to make one of his receiver A BIG NAME GUY.
  6. Rams_Fan28

    Rams_Fan28 New Member

    Travis Henry would be my choice. Denver has always had a good running offense, and now they have a back that can capitalize. Jackson is another nice choice, but I don't know if he can get the many yards. The Rams like to pass alot. I do think that he can get over 2500 all purpose yards though.
  7. Lee

    Lee Registered Member

    I doubt it. Larry Johnson's line is getting more and more mediocre. LT is too much of a dual-threat, they'll throw him the ball a lot too. And...that's it.
  8. CMK_Eagle

    CMK_Eagle Registered Member

    I doubt anyone will this year. I think Shaun Alexandercould do it, but only if Hasselbeck can stay healthy.

    LJ will either have too few carries this year, or will be overworked and break down. LDT is too involved in the passing game. I don't think Jackson reaches 2000 without Pace in the lineup, and Travis Henry won't get the carries the way Shannahan likes to rotate his backs.
  9. Lee

    Lee Registered Member

    I'm really not sure if Alexander will return to greatness. Call me crazy, but I believe in the Madden Curse.
  10. Lone Eagle

    Lone Eagle Registered Member

    We may see a 2000 yd reciever in the forms of Randy Moss, Steve Smith and Chad Johnson!

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