So any star wars collectors?


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I few years back when episode one came out i worked for on of the infamous tri con global comanies whom of which had the big star wars promotions , Well the whole deal then was that the cup toppers in mint condition were suppose to go up in value 500% , yes it is true ,,, um ya corprate said so. lol so it happens that I got all 12 cup toppers , cups straws etc... Ive tried to sell them before but cant seem to fetch a price so why is such a collectors ***sigh*** item not worth anything? lol


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I have star wars Sierra Mist and Pepsi cans.. Actually was going to buy the whole set at one point but for some reason I didn't. Found it on eBay for a pretty good price if I remember correctly. Oh well.


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well, I wasnt one for those toppers. I have a few of the Taco Bell toys, but never was interested in completeing any of those. I have a hard enough time keeping up with other items that I need to complete other series.

I guess Im more interested in the action figures than the other memorabillia.

As for why you may not be getting anything for them, thats a ? for Nightsurfer


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Hi and goodevining all. The answer to your question is some toys and collectible are so mass produced (such as your toppers) that it takes years for them to go up in value. :eek:hno:
Now are yours (missmel2 ) still in their bags? If so put them away and wait till there is a big rise in that particular toy or collectible. Then sell. :cool:

Also toys and collectibles are kind of like stocks. They go up and they go down.
You can only ride the current trends for so long. I would hold on to any Star Wars that is newer for at least 10 years or more before you sell (unless it's a Hot item) I hope this helps you. Till next time......................... :warp:


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I had thought about doing that, getting some of the new ones and putting them away for my daughter when she is about 21 or more. I will have to put in a safe deposit box.


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I've got nearly a complete set of the "vintage" 4" figures, plus a bunch of other misc star wars stuff. I don't collect it actually, it's just all left over from when I was a kid. I was REALLY into star wars back then, so I had almost everything that came out. Sheets, bedspreads, curtains, name

Now it all sits in a bunch of boxes, waiting for me to sell it on Ebay!


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I am not a fan of Star Wars and I must admit, I have never seen a Star Wars movie. You all inspired me for my next ebay auction but it won't be put up for awhile. Not sure if I am willing to go through with this but am going to do it anyways for all you Star Wars fan.


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Yeah like he said . What you gonna do? Inquireing minds want to know. :lol:
Is it cool .Is it bigger than a bread box ? Smaller than a barn yard owl? Come on don't leave us hanging..... :lol: