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Movies Snowden’s story to be filmed by Oliver Stone


Free Spirit
Staff member
He has tackled the Kennedy assassination and the Watergate break-in, the Vietnam conflict and the Bush administration’s “war on terror”. Now the Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone is set to whip up fresh controversy with his adaptation of The Snowden Files, an account of the ongoing NSA scandal written by the Guardian journalist Luke Harding.

Edward Snowden’s NSA whistleblowing story to be filmed by Oliver Stone
This is a movie I would like to see. I am interested on how Snowden pulled this off. I hope Stone sticks to the facts and doesn't try to make Snowden look better or worse than he really was.



Registered Member
Could work but they need to add a lot of stuff to the movie to make it exciting. I mean, if they just show Snowden sitting around in Taiwan then taking a plane to Sheremetyevo airport and waiting in the transit zone for papers to move into Moscow... how boring is that?

As for me, Im more excited about the Jurassic World and Hobbit movies and Snowden has already been all over the news since it happened. Yeah its cool that he let people know that their metadata was being stolen but tbh I never really expected there was any real privacy online or on phones. But President Putin was really impressed with the PRISM system and he hired a lot of the best hackers to help improve the Russian surveillance system SORM.

Anyway Snowden said he wasnt working for Russia but dad said that if the FSB didnt already get all the information while he was in the transit zone then he wouldnt be very impressed with Russian agents.
The news and Russia both said that Snowdens leaks were a human rights issue but it also seriously damaged the Intel Community and that can be dangerous for any country. Its a no win. He had to be a traitor to be a human rights hero.
So maybe I will watch the movie but only if they make it exciting.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Considering Oliver Stones past work it most likely will be exciting probably much more so than the real event.

Yes Snowden leaking this hurt the international community but maybe it opened people's eyes up to how much information is being collected on them.

I don't think Snowden kept anything he took on him. I could be wrong about that though.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I would watch it. I haven't seen the other political works of Stone but a friend of my talks highly of them. So hopefully the cinematography and screenplay here would be better than what I have watched last weekend about wikileaks, which is a similar issue.