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Snow In Hell: Jaguar to Build a Hybrid


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Jaguar C-X75 Hybrid Supercar - Jaguar to Build C-X75 Hybrid Supercar on RoadandTrack.com

Jaguar has confirmed its plan to bring the gorgeous C-X75 hybrid-powered concept car to production. First seen during last year’s Paris Auto Show, the C-X75 will combine the performance of the world’s fastest automobiles with the emissions of the most frugal economy car.
Top speed will be in “excess of 200 mph,” according to Jaguar, while CO2 emissions levels are expected to be “less than 99 grams per kilometer.” That would make the Jaguar C-X75 as clean-running as a Smart Fortwo city car. But with a claimed 0-to-60-mph sprint of less than 3.0 seconds, this Jag would accelerate with the ferocity of a Bugatti Veyron.

Hybrid Powertrain
“People expect Jaguar to be innovators—that is when Jaguar is at its best,” said Adrian Hallmark, Jaguar Brand Director. During the Paris Auto Show, the C-X75 concept featured an electric powertrain coupled with two gas micro-turbines. With its four electric motors—one in each wheel—the C-X75 was said to be capable of delivering 780 bhp and more than 1100 lb.-ft. of torque.
“The C-X75 received an incredible reception as a concept car. We’ve been building on that momentum and there is a clear business case for this exclusive halo model. No other vehicle will better signify Jaguar’s renewed confidence and excellence in technological innovation than this,” said Hallmark, while calling the C-X75 production car the “ultimate expression of Jaguar design and engineering innovation.”

The road-going supercar will use a small-capacity highly boosted internal combustion engine, in addition to the electric motor at each axle. “The engine’s compact size allows it to be mounted low in the car for optimum weight distribution and to retain the concept’s stunning silhouette. This will make the Jaguar C-X75 a bona fide hybrid supercar capable of silent electric running with an extensive EV range in excess of 50 kilometers (31 miles),” said Bob Joyce, Group Engineering Director, Jaguar Land Rover.
Jaguar has not revealed exact power figures, or the actual size of, the internal-combustion engine and electric motors.
Formula 1 Connection
To help speed production and, undoubtedly, transfer racing know-how to its top-flight model, the Jaguar C-X75 is being developed with the Williams Formula 1 team. According to Jaguar, Williams will provide expertise in the field of “aerodynamics, carbon-composite manufacture and hybrid technologies.” The C-X75’s chassis will be constructed out of carbon fiber (like an F1 car’s) to be light and extremely rigid.

“Our new association with Jaguar Land Rover provides us with an exciting opportunity to work with one of the motoring world’s most famous and iconic brands,” said Sir Frank Williams, Chairman of Williams F1. “Williams has always considered itself an engineering company and so this project will allow us to combine our technical expertise to create something truly exceptional.”
While micro-turbines won’t make the leap to the C-X75, Jaguar has pledged to continue research into the technology. Jaguar’s parent company, India’s Tata Motors, has taken a “significant” stake in Bladon Jets, the company behind the micro-turbine tech found in the C-X75 concept. Jaguar confirms that micro-turbines will play a role in the company’s future vehicles—although no timetable or models were mentioned.

If the spec sheet and performance of the C-X75 sound formidable, just wait until you hear the price. Only 250 examples of the Jaguar C-X75 will be built, and each example will cost between £700,000 to £900,000 (that’s $1.1 to $1.4 million), depending on market. Production will likely begin sometime in 2013.
OK, so Jaguar's next supercar is to be a hybrid? The figures are staggering. Acceleration to match a GTR and the emissions of a Smart Fortwo. That is a hybrid worth buying. What does this mean for the supercar as we know it? Will supercars be running on electric power (or hybrid power) or will internal combustion live on? Were money no object, would you rather have this or a conventional supercar of similar weight, power, and performance, such as the new Pagani Hyuara?


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aguar has leapfrogged Porsche in the race to build the world’s most expensive, if not extreme, hybrid.

The venerable British automaker announced today that it is working with Williams F1 to develop the C-X75, the spectacularly gorgeous supercar that dropped jaws at the Paris auto show last fall. Jag promises a car as fast as it looks, claiming it will do zero to 60 in less than 3 seconds and top out north of 200 mph — yet emit almost as little CO2 as a Toyota Prius.


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I cant stand hybrid or electric cars. Internal combustion will always be my preference. American muscle cars and trucks are the heart of rural Nebraska, I dont think Iv ever even seen a hybrid in real life. And I hopefully never will.


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I cant stand hybrid or electric cars. Internal combustion will always be my preference. American muscle cars and trucks are the heart of rural Nebraska, I dont think Iv ever even seen a hybrid in real life. And I hopefully never will.
As a die hard fan of American muscle cars myself I really hate to say that hybrids are getting more common.

And the people who try desperately to cling to internal combustion as time goes on will start to get very shocked when they realize that the only view of a hybrid they are getting if from the rear as the hybrid massively out accelerates them off the line.

No internal combustion engine can even come close to matching the sheer instant torque that electric motors can put out.

Just go looking on youtube and you will find videos of a Tesla roadster electric car totally wiping the floor with Lamborghini's and Ferrari's
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