Snow Fall


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I know Winter is still early, or some people around here don't have Winter, but so far where I lived there's been tons of snow. I was wondering what was your biggest snow fall you've had this year?

We've had 37 cm fell in a 24 hour period. It was crazy, I remember trying to clean the drive way and usually it doesn't take long but this time it took me so long, and at some places it was almost taller then I was because of the wind and such.


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We had somewhere just under a foot a week or so ago, maybe a little more. Our snowfall picks up in Jan/Feb.


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No snow. We're lucky to even have snow falling, let alone inches on the ground. So far it's just cold, but the weather forecast says if conditions play out right, we may have snow down here.


Sultan of Swat
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In recent years Canada hasn't had a lot of snow especially in December and January, but usually picks up in February and March, but this year we started to get huge snow falls in November. We've had to major snow storms so far this year, and I believe it's only going to get worst. We've had one that was 25cm and another one that was 37cm, that's tons of snow.


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We got about 6 inches here a couple weeks ago. That's about it so far. We rarely get more than a couple inches at a time. It sucks. Gets really cold here but hardly any snow.


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I haven't gotten any snow since i've been home. The day before i left school, we got over 6 inches, and it was horrible, because the street sweeper things that clear the snow didn't get around to clearing a path around campus until like 7pm.


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Texas has no snow *tears* I may be one who hates the cold weather, but I do love snowfall, it's just something you have to appreciate when it happens.



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Sorry I don't my centimeters... Around here the biggest amount of snow we've gotten this year was a little over 1 inch, but perhaps that was just what accumulated.

Ice on the other hand... we've had 2-3 inches. (can't remember whether it was 2 or 3, but it was enough to destroy the majority of my trees, knock power out for many for a few weeks, and completely cancel Finals week at my college. Let me tell you, my college DOES NOT close easily.. and to think this would cancel finals - it says a lot.)


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i don't live in a place where it snows. i've never seen snow before in my life. would love to though, hopefully this year, though i can't stand the cold.