Snow Cones


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As Aleks got into talking about the yellow and brown snow he eats, and Smel brought up that it's better if the yellow is lemon and brown is chocolate, I would like you ask everyone here at the great GF palace...

What is.. your favorite snow cone flavor?

Mine was always Cotton Candy flavor, with Chocolate coming in at second.


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snowballs > snow cones

I've only really seen snowball stands in Maryland and Delaware. Snow cones suck. They're way too icy.

I always get cherry/lemon.


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I don't really like snow cones, but I do enjoy Ice Cream Cones, I love chocolate, vanilla or banana flavour. I haven't had one in a long time which is ashame because they are so good.


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Cherry flavor or if it's not available, the other reddish colors. It's weird because while I like cherry flavor for these things, I don't eat fresh cherries.


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When I lived in Tennessee,there was a snowcone man(kind of like an icecream man) that came down the street and sold us snow cones. I always liked the banana kind, and they were amazing to haveon really hot days. He always came at the right times.


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I've always been a fan of the Cotton Candy ones, or pretty much any other Blue snow cone that the vender has.

Seems like the only trend I can find in snow cones is I dont like the red or pink ones. Theres just something about the syrup they put in those that bugs.


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My family ran a portable sno-cone business for a year. Sure, it was all good fun --> Free sno-cones whenever I wanted; money, fame....

But hauling the freezers...
Constaly running stock; sometimes buying every bag of ice in town... (yes, we actually did this)
Constantly tending, day in and day out...
People screaming because they got their damned hair in their sno-cone somehow...

Was it worth our souls? Was it worth our minds!?

Respect the sno-cone man, for he does not lead an easy life.

My favourite flavour was root-beer, I believe...