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Snow, can you handle lots of it?


Registered Member
With El Nino starting up again, we might be seeing quite a bit more (snow) later in the year ....


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I love snow, so the more we get, the better. I love the way it looks after a fresh dumping of snow, and I love hiking around in deep snow. The only thing I don't like is when it lingers for a month or two and gets all black and crusty.


I have no idea if I can handle a lot of snow or not as it's never snowed in any area I live. I've seen snow only a handful of times in my life, when I was travelling in Russia and travelling in England. I've only seen it fall from the sky twice in my life, and both of those times it didn't last long and was too warm to settle on the ground. It just vanished. I hope I can see snow properly one day.


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If you live in Maine, United States like I do, you have to be able to handle having several feet of snow on the ground for a number of months.