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Jeff Goldblum to the scene!

“Uhhh, waydaminutewaydaminute…sno—SNO is, of course, the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory in Vale Inco’s Creighton Mine in Sudbury, Ontario.

And…aaaand 5, right…right..is well, between 5 and 15 MeV, which is a measurement of the electrons carried off by the neutrino’s energy—of course it’s meant to detect solar neutrinos through their interactions with a large tank of heavy water…right…

…113 is the Blues club in Chicago…
Ontario…solar neutrinos…iii is Superman 3 (i.e. III) in which he splits into two supermen…one good and one evil…

...Superman represents the American way... …then there’s + + which is the reference to two positrons, then NEI—the Nuclear Energy Institute…()()…Boobs…and “cl” is the chemical name for chlorine…and “e s” is the country code top-level domain for Spain….


A scientist on his way back from the 113 club in Chicago (after having made a calculative revelation over a stripper's set of boobs), arrived at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory, rushed past his colleagues, entered the new data to update the schema set to include two positrons (the stripper had two "+"s made from electrical tape over her boobs, reminding him of positrons), discovered that the new data gave off 5-times the normal neutrino emissions, enacted protocol "CL" (Code name, "Chlorine", a super-secret def-con-1-ish type alert; a reference to bleaching the information after receiving it), traced the nuclear radiation field and uncovered that the sun was being "primed" to emit extraneous neutrinos in an effort to destabilize the earth's crust by microwaving the water tables beneath the surface; tracked the radiation trail back to a mountain pass in Spain, and discovered that it was coming from the lair of Superman's arch-nemesis...