Snitch, Fink... Rat?

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    Snitch -- An informant (known in law enforcement as a criminal informant or C.I.) is someone who provides privileged information about a person or organization to an agency, usually law enforcement, without the consent of that person or organization.

    Is "snitching" big in your community? Do you notice people frowning or smiling upon snitchers, finks and/or rats?

    Source: Stop Snitchin' - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I used the two quotes above to highlight the hilarity and craziness that goes on in our world. Why would ANYBODY seriously prevent the truth being told? If you, or somebody has information regarding a matter that the police would find intriguing then why hide it?

    Even if the crime wasn't rape or murder, assault it should still be reported, I believe. If you saw a drug dealer selling crack to the crack head would you report that? Would that be your limit considering the crack head wants the drug and the drug dealer wants his money. An even exchange that has both parties leaving happy and nobody getting injured in the process.

    Some lyrics from Lil Wayne:

    Hmm... This isn't necessarily to point out Lil Wayne, but any artist, celebrities, famous persons promoting NOT to snitch. Why would you do this? Do you get "street cred", or think it's the right thing to do? I just think it's sad that a rol... supposed role model would use such lyrics to people who buy his/her music. That just progresses that you shouldn't snitch, and besides, Lil Wayne and other artists don't define how far snitching should go. What the limit is...

    -- How do you feel about snitches?
    -- If you saw somebody getting assaulted, raped, murdered would YOU report it and testify?
    -- If you saw a drug dealer selling a drug to somebody, would YOU report that?
    -- Overall, how do you feel about artist, celebrities and other famous folks saying it's BAD to snitch?

    With all the bias I laid out in this post I'm sure you all already know what I'm about to say. I believe I would "snitch" on almost anything I see. Now, don't take out that out context and say "Oh, if somebody jaywalking you calling the cops?" - No, I have my limits, and those are I would call the cops and tell them what I saw if, A) A person is being harmed, or B) That person will get harmed in the future (drugs). Mainly, because I don't want drugs in my neighborhood. I consider it a slippery slop that will only progress into more and more drugs being spread out. That, and I do have compassion for the person buying the crack. I don't want them to go down that harsh road. "Snitching" to protect them? Yeah, I would...
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  2. Nevyrmoore

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    By being an informant, you're running the risk of being found out. This isn't a problem in (relatively) safe areas, but once you go to places where gangs pretty much rule, chances are you're going to to end up dead. And the majority of people with information are more likely to think about their personal safety than anything else.
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  3. Impact

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    Well, for people who have the balls to snitch, good on them, but I personally would be too scared of the repercussions from the criminals and their friends that I'd narked on

    Assault yes probably. Rape, maybe. Murder, no. I'd be way to scared for my own safety/

    No. If someone wants the drugs, they're just going to get them elsewhere. If it was a young child however, I would. If people want to be drug dealers, well good for them, but selling to kids is just low.

    I don't feel strongly one way or another. They are entitled to their opinions.
  4. Arcadoc

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    It doesn't necessarily have to be in areas where gangs rule. As a general rule, rats don't fare well in most areas below the Mason-Dixon line.
    The biggest asset a person can have is the ability to keep their mouth shut about matters that don't concern them. ;)
  5. Cait

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    (If this isn't related let me know. I read your topic, but still.)
    Locally, everything is found out by everyone by gossip. I live in a small town and there's bar in it. Do the math.

    How do I feel about national rats? I don't know. Sometimes it could be good because the government needs to find things out one way or another. It can be bad because the snitch could lose their life over it if they're not smart. Personally, I would never do it.
  6. PretzelCorps

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    Since I think it's cowardly to be swayed out of doing something noble because of idiotic social taboos, I have no problem with "snitching". I also think that people who forward the social taboo are idiots.

    If your life is in danger, that's another story, but don't clamp up because you're afraid some idiots might label you as a rat; they're idiots.

    As for myself --> If I saw something petty like a small drug deal, or whatever, I wouldn't rush out to tell someone, mostly because it'd be a waste of everyone's time. If I was asked to testify for something I'd witnessed, however, I wouldn't hesitate.
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    I pretty much agree with Pretzel. It's really common in American society to absolutely despise rats/snitches/finks. A lot of people get away with some pretty bad stuff, because of a silly cultural norm.

    It is understandable, however, to not like someone who tells on others just for the sake of getting someone in trouble.

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