Snakes in the House


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Hi all.

I just wanted to get your thoughts on owning snakes. Do you have one? What type?

I just got two new additions to the pet farm..We picked up a Ball Python and a Red tail Boa..The are 3 months old, just went through their first real shed cycle.

Now the ball python is a ground and rock snake but my boy "Max" the red tail Boa is a Tree snake so he requires a bigger tank and things to play on.

We got them both for 120.00 and that's a steal. My snake can run you anywhere from 250 to 350 and Twilights snake runs around 100.00 to 150.00.

We already had all the stuff for them, I used to have several snakes when me and TD first met but due to the fact I was moving to a state where you can't have them that big I gave them to the Phoenix zoo.

So now I am starting all over with hatchlings.

So what are your thoughts on snakes? They are so cute...Like leg less, fur less kittens.:D

I'll post pics of the boys soon.

Thank you my love for letting me have my snakes back. :nod: :D
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I actually thought this was about sake too! So that's how you get people to read your thread. I use to have a ball python a few years back. We would keep it in a secure cage and make sure it doesn't get out like the hamster does. I think the ball pythons are the most gentle snake and great for beginners who wants to keep snakes.


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That's why I got one for my wife TwilghtDawn, it's her first snake. Mine is for the experienced snake owner. Mine is all curled up along my necklace like it was a snake charm.

Sorry that was a typo..In the title.


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We don't have any. But like 16 minutes ago my mom freaked out about a corn/rat snake in the back yard. Tiny little thing.

It was cute... I wanted to pick it up, but the only snakes I've handled are the ones that are used to humans.


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If it was a baby less than a foot long it wouldn't hurt you. Corn snakes make great pets. The are quite tame once you handle them. I have given those as gifts to first timers.

Snakes make great pets, they are just misunderstood.


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For a minute here I thought I was about to see a preview for a Snakes on a Plane sequel...

Yeah I like them. I've known people with pythons and they are really cool. Expensive too but they live a long time usually.

My cousin had to give his to the zoo when it got too big too. :(

So did you name them?


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Snakes in a house sounds way better than snakes on a plane. I would like to kick the man vs. wild guy in the nuts for killing a rattle snake and then eating it. If he was that hungry, I'm sure one of the production crew had a kit kat bar.


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I have never had a snake as a pet but I do know a guy who has tons of snakes and reptiles in his room it's awesome, but of course the snake is not allowed to be out of the aquarium cause it's so big, man i wish I had a picture, I'd post it.