SMSI: My latest stock purchase


not a plastic bag
The day I recommended this stock here, it was $2. They just announced a blowout qtr and its trading at $2.64. That's 32% increase in 3 months. Still is cheap. Next qtr will be even better. They also talked about trying to sell their software to another Tier 1 carrier. Being that Sprint is the lesser of the 4 main Tier 1's, that announcement, if they can pull it off will more than double this stock overnight.


not a plastic bag
Not bad for short term day trading but the company's stats make for a poor long term forecast in my opinion.
Yeah it's up 40% in the last 2 weeks.
I could not disagree more about being a short term trade. They blew out earnings at 3c per share. Because they operate a subscription service, that number is compounding so you have 3c q4 plus whatever they gain this quarter.
So you could be looking at revenues increasing 1c per quarter from here out.
So for the year you could see a forward p/e of 10!!!! That means this stock right now is super cheap.

This does not count in that they will be providing a subscription for another carrier, probably TMobile within the next 3 months.

I don't say this lightly, this comes with many hours of researching this: this stock should trade at $15-$20. Based on similar companies that are performing similar.