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SMS 2003 Install help


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Hello everyone. This is my first post, so bear with me. I am attempting to install an eval version of SMS 2003 on my system and am having a bit of trouble. After finally getting the setup to recognize that SQL was in fact running and installed on the system, I am getting share errors. Specifically, I am being told that neither the ADMIN$ or I$ shares exist on my system. Any ideas on how to eliminate these pesky errors so that I can get on with the setup process? Here is a copy of the log file in case it helps:

Product Registration:
Name: doe
Organization: ttu
Product Key: BBH2G-D2VK9-QD4M9-F63XB-43C33
Site Information:
Site code: S01
Site name: ttu
Site domain: TTU
Extend AD schema: No
Security Mode: Standard
Service account name: ttu\sholley
Number of clients: 100
Components Selected:
Systems Management Server: Yes
SMS Administrator Console: Yes
Remote Tools: No
SMS Installation Directory: I:\SMS
SQL Server Information:
Computer running SQL Server: WIN3
SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005
Use integrated security.
SMS Database Creation:
SMS Site Database Information:
Database name: SMS_S01
SMS Site Database Directory:
SMS Site Database Information:
Number of SMS Administrator consoles: 5
Minimum number of SQL Server connections: 75
Automatically configure the SQL connections: Yes
<07-19-2006 14:07:18> Starting evaluation process.
<07-19-2006 14:07:18> The ADMIN$ share doesn't exist on the machine.
<07-19-2006 14:07:18> The I$ share doesn't exist on the machine.
<07-19-2006 14:07:18> Enough free disk space.
<07-19-2006 14:07:18> The domain and PDC checked out OK.
<07-19-2006 14:07:18> Registering connects for WIN3, , master
<07-19-2006 14:07:18> Registered the types
<07-19-2006 14:07:18> Running test query.
<07-19-2006 14:07:18> Sql version is 8.0, 8.00.194.
<07-19-2006 14:07:18> Checking disk space for SQL devices (SMS database).
<07-19-2006 14:07:18> SmsLsaAccount returns 0 Flags = 30000h
<07-19-2006 14:07:26> Verified service account by installing service SMS_ACCOUNT_TEST_SERVICE

My system name is \\WIN3 and I am installing the program on the I:\ drive. Any and all help will be appreciated!
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ADMIN$ and I$ are both hidden shares that should be automatically setup on your machine. The dollar sign ($) makes it so it won't show up as a share in network neighborhood. You can find out if these shares already exist by going into Computer Managment (start->run->type "compmgmt.msc"-), and going to Shared Folders, and then Shares.

If ADMIN$ and I$ by chance hasn't been setup or was removed, which could very well be the case, then you could manually set them up. Just share the windows folder on your systemroot (normally the C:\windows drive) to be ADMIN$, and the I:\ drive to be I$. You can share a folder by righ-clicking it and clicking "Sharing and Security." You probably should also make sure that only "Administrators" group has "full control" share permission to these folders, and the "Everyone" group is removed.