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not sure if there is already a thread on this
but my question is to all the smokers, what made you start smoking? what do you enjoy about it?
i am the only person out of all my friends that dosent smoke, everyone else does, i just dont see the appeal, i was never pressured into tryin it either luckily.
i know people say its addictive and hard to give up but whenever someone i know says they are tryin to quit they never seem to try that hard, do people really want to quit or just say it too look like they are trying to be healthier?
also if anyone can even remember as far back as the ban on smoking in public places did it bother you or did this new law cause anyone to quit?


Where is my Queen?
Geez, I started smoking socially and eventually became addicted. I typically smoke one pack a day. I won't be quitting anytime soon. I quit cold turkey once and last 2 days and caved in. It was a bad two days. The cravings for a cig got to me. I even experience shortness of breath at time within those two days. When it comes to not smoking in public areas, my town has not implemented that law yet, and if they ever do, I will continue to smoke.


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I smoke though Im young I don't do it much. Maybe once every 2 weeks or 1 or 2 per week at most. :)

The smoke bans don't affect me at all; I take a stroll to the park to smoke.


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I dont smoke and I never will. Some of my friends think it's cool but I just think it's not a good idea. I tried once and it just made me cough and feel weird and I def dont need that.


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I started smoking weed long before I smoked cigarettes, so I guess it was just natural progression for me. I actually like the burn of smoke going down my throat, especially the first smoke of the day. As for quitting, I haven't had an issue addiction wise with quitting. It's hard to explain, I never smoked because I craved the nicotine, I smoked because I liked to smoke. Probably doesn't make sense, but yeah.


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I tried smoking lightly for a few years from age 18-21 or so. At first it was to learn to inhale. I didn't know how and I was finding that when I smoked pot it didn't get me high. Then age 21 I took a "body mechanics" college course and smoking and lifting weights did not mix. Plus I have a very sensitive sense of smell and often the aftertaste would nauseate me. It wasn't hard for me to quit. I kept smoking pot for another 9 years though!!


Mark ov teh Pond
I gave it all up in my mid-teens, almost as soon as it began. Well, for obvious reasons, smoking weed was fun a few times but decided it's not something I liked to do. I got high in a Mc. Donald's playland once or twice, as well. When I was a closer.

As far as influence or pressure goes -- I did end up smoking salvia on two occasions when I was 23. Not that salvia can be compared to weed or cigs in any way, it was merely one of those 'try everything once (within reason of course)' and I saw no harm in giving it a try. I'm not that lame but if there's something I don't like doing, expect it not to happen. I don't let my friends influence me in negative ways. Drop it, or I drop you.


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I have never been a smoker. When I was 15 and had gotten married, my then husband was a smoker and I tried to puff on one of his one time only, because I thought it was cool. I didn't even know how to inhale, and looking back, I'm really glad I never was a smoker. Not only are they such a danger to your health, but I sure couldn't afford the habit! I do know however, several people who smoke and I know they say it's a hard habit to break. I can understand that. I don't allow smoking in my home, and one of my sons does smoke, and he won't even bring his cigarettes in, he leaves them in his vehicle when he comes over. I wish he could quit, just as I wish my Mother would have been able to quit. But sometimes, the urge is too strong and if it helps people be relaxed, I am not one to criticize. However, I heard on the news today, that NYC is getting a law signed today, which will go in effect in 3 months, that no smoking will be allowed outside, in parks and public places. I don't know how to react about that. I mean, banning smoking from all the inside places is great, as I don't care to smell the smoke (and boy you sure can tell a smoker when they walk by can't you?), but telling people now that they can't even smoke outside, is getting a bit out of hand. That's my opinion.
Coming back to add, the news also mentioned that NYC officials are saying they will strongly enforce this new no smoking outside law, and if caught, the first time is a fine of $50.
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Problematic Shitlord
The only thing I've ever smoked is a cigar and I could count the amount I've smoked in my life on two hands. As others have said, it was mainly a social thing. I don't find myself addicted but that's probably due to the vast infrequency of it all.


Sally Twit
I smoked when I was 14 for about a year. I would do it with friends because it was the 'cool thing to do'. Obviously I regret it now and I think it's a disgusting and smelly habit.
I just wanted to feel like a rebel. Same reason I'd go to the park with my friends and drink lots when I was 14. Nowadays I hardly touch a drop.