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Smoking Patches (Review)


Well-Known Member
So I wouldn't say this was my resolution, but after spending roughly 5+ years smoking I've decided to finally let it go. However, many attempts before have failed with going cold turkey or even with gum aid. Recently I've purchased some smoking patches and try going that route, and honestly, this has been the easiest transition I've gone through for something like this. I'm not sure if others are familiar with the effects they have on the body, but to me, their wonderful and work instantly.

The pro's are as follows: Less craving sensation to smoke (their original intention), increase in hunger (probably due to needing an oral fixation aside from smoking), being more productive at work and socially without having to take so many breaks. Lastly, I would say all the money that is being saved from purchasing pack after pack each and every day :-3/

The con's are as follows from what I've experienced: Really...REALLY f***ed up dreams. Like, we're talking Nightmare on Elm Street just f***ed Inception. They are more vivid and life-like to the tough, sometimes it can be neat but other times it's just weird all around. Increased anxiety, nothing too sever but can't seem to stay still or focus more than usual, even when I'm on my other meds. The pack for smoking patched, just for 10 or 30 count, is expensive unless you go with a generic brand, but I trust more of the brand name that generics.

So the adventure continues, still gotta increase the dosage some but other than that, not too bad. Best quitting aid I've used so far.



not a plastic bag
That's awesome it's working. I tried everything and the only thing that worked for me was going cold turkey with meditation. The patch is great and I really hope it works. Just never discount the power of your mind. It's more powerful than any drug.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I think its great you are quitting. The closet I have come to doing so was with the ecigarette but now that people are having them blow up in their face I went back to the regular ones. I hope they come out with a better battery soon.


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I had to quit with the patch. I tried the Wellbutrin route and that gave me the worst nightmares but I did great with the patches. It took me about 6 weeks and I got tired of putting them on and found that I did just as well without anything. After the initial withdrawals which patches do help with, you are just trying to stop the habit.