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Smoking Breaks


Sally Twit
Where I work the smokers are allowed to go for one break in the morning and one in the afternoon, as well as obviously having the chance to smoke in their lunch hour.
Where my dad works they only allow you to smoke on your lunch hour.

Do you think this is fair?

Now, I'm not a smoker and I think it is a disgusting habit. However, I can't help but think it is unfair that my dad who has smoked every day since he was 11 should be left craving for the day. Sure it could impact people's work performance?
I also have visions of my dad chain smoking through his lunch break to make his afternoon a little easier!


aka ginger warlock
I am very lucky. I have a boss who understands and appriciates that I smoke and as a result I can have an unofficial smoke break pretty much whenever I want but this is with the understanding that I don't go when we are busy with calls (I work on an IT Service Desk) and I don't take the p**s and to be honest when I do go for a break I am usually out for 5 minutes at the most, some people I work with make coffees for everyone every hour and log out of there phones for almost 20 minutes at a time so really I am spending less time away from the phones than they are but because I am leaving the room it is noticed more.


Registered Member
Generally we're only meant to smoke on our lunch break. However, I am allowed the odd one on delivery days when we're waiting for the wagon to unload. I mean, it takes him about five minutes to do it, and I'm only standing about waiting at that point.

Also, on days when the manager is not in and I'm left in charge, the protocol of what's allowed and what isn't is left with me. I allow staff cigarette breaks. As long as they take the time they spend at it off their normal break. And don't take the piss obviously.

I find a cigarette break is a huge help to me. During the three-five minutes it takes me to consume my smoke, I will consider what jobs I have to do when I go back inside. It's a good thing, not only does it relax me and kinda set me up for my next stint of work, but it gives me chance to organize my routine in my head, as it usually gets mixed up what with the every changing events of the day. I then usually go on to complete my days tasks and everything runs a lot smoother (seemingly) than on the days when I have to wait for those blessed little moments.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I think people should be allowed to take smoking breaks the same way they're allowed to go pee and drink coffee. The only time I can understand why this would be discouraged is if the job entails being physically present (like if you man a ticket booth and you go out of the booth often for the smoke break, then it's not really good for the company's image and could translate to immediate loss of profit).


Registered Member
I work for a dance company and a good percentage of our dancers are smokers, most of them will take a smoke break only when they have a time in between rehearsals and during lunch. I think they are able to control their cravings pretty well, though I have seen a couple sneak out during rehearsal because they "really needed it". Besides the restrictions of the dancers having to be in rehearsals most of the time they are here, our staff is free to take a smoke break whenever they like.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
It doesn't bother me that smokers get to take a quick break to smoke. As long as they aren't abusing the time then what do I care? I could always walk down the hall and get something to drink and that takes time away from my work as well.


Registered Member
As a pack-a-day smoker, I can tell you that the time given for a break does affect productivity considerably. I've had jobs when I could smoke whenever I wanted as long as I'm not just dropping something important, but I've also had jobs where I can only smoke during my lunch break. The latter absolutely sucks, and I definitely chain smoked during my only break. I've worked with people who smoke less than I do, but they go out every hour for a break if the job allowed it, and then some who smoke more but don't even take a break. Personally, I don't like taking a lot of breaks. Around three during the day, including lunch break, is perfect because the strain isn't too much. I'll start feeling it after a few hours, but that cigarette comes just in time and will keep me going.

I think some people take advantage of this, though. You don't need to take a break every single hour of the day-- it's work, remember? I think people like that lack any focus whatsoever and they're just taking advantage of their bosses.


Well-Known Member
Where I work people are allowed to take 5 minute smoke breaks whenever the manager lets them. Unfortunately they get to stay on the clock (get payed) when they do go on a smoke break. I find that to be ridiculous and unfair to the people who don't smoke. It's a disgusting habit and I think that we should do as much as possible to discourage the act.


Registered Member
This is one of the reasons why I quit smoking. Not getting adequate smoke breaks at work truly can have an impact on work performance. Some non-smoking bosses (like my last one) fail to acknowledge that this is an actual chemical dependency and going into withdrawal means irritability and inability to concentrate. What good is a snappy employee that can't concentrate on their work?? If I went for more than four hours without a cigarette I'd start going all googly eyed, and it became difficult for my eyes to focus on the computer screen...no good!! Employers who don't give their employees enough cigarette breaks are hurting both themselves and their employees. However, I do feel that all employees should get the same number of breaks in a day, regardless of smoker status. I think 2-3 breaks in an 8 hour period is a reasonable number for anybody. We all need to stretch our legs and get our various fixes in during the day to stay sane.


Problematic Shitlord
I don't believe smoke breaks should be allowed.

Where I work, we get two fifteen minute breaks a day and that's when you're allowed to have your cigarette. Simple and effective, end of story. If I don't get a five minute "do nothing" break at the same time others are getting smoke breaks, then I don't see it as fair.