Smoking Breaks: Ethical?


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Do you think smoking breaks should be allowed? (Don't just say yes if/because you smoke.)

Personally I don't, because I don't think it's fair. I'm the only person in our bar that doesn't smoke. I'm the only one who doesn't get breaks for smoking. :mad: If I just sat down and said "I'm not working for five minutes", the boss would flip, but just because these people want to smoke their deathsticks it's suddenly fine for them. It's just not fair, not one bit.


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Not really, you don't come to work to smoke, you come to work and earn money.

If you want to have a smoke, I suggest you smoke a packet on the lunch breaks.


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I'm a smoker and even I don't think that you should have more than one five min smoke break in an eight hour shift not including a fifteen to thirty min lunch. Like you said, you don't go to work to smoke. You go to work to work. And if you're having a nic fit that bad, you should invest in some patches or gum.
i so agree. smoking isn't what you come to work to do..and it's so not fair that the nonsmokers don't get a break just cuz they don't smoke.


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I don't think that smoke breaks are unethical honestly. I think it's unfair that smokers get a break and those who don't, don't, however.

I think that if they keep em short and sweet then its not a big deal and they need to be kept to a minimum.


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I don't see the problem with having a smoke break, but I don't think it should only be limited to smokers. I think non-smokers should be able to have time to just sit down and get off of their feet for a few minutes.

Around my area you are supposed to get 2 fifteen minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch break if you work an 8 hour shift, so i think that people should be granted their 2 fifteen minute breaks, although most of us never get them.

I don't feel like smokers should be granted more than their 15 minute breaks though. I do think it is wrong that non-smokers don't get breaks to just sit. My old work was like that and it drove me insane.


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I say smoke on your lunch or during your 15 minute break, or however your job is broken up. Smoking breaks might as well be called 5 minute breaks and either everybody should get them or nobody should.

That being said, I wouldn't quit a place over this. It's hardly a big deal in the long run.


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I agree with what ya'll have said, but at the end of the day, working in the bar means constantly being on your feet, moving, serving, etc. A fag break just means they can stop and disappear. I can't do that morally, not knowing I'm needed. Somehow an addiction makes it alright to walk out and stop. :rant:


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I don't see the problem with having a smoke break, but I don't think it should only be limited to smokers. I think non-smokers should be able to have time to just sit down and get off of their feet for a few minutes.
What she said. In my office before, my boss was allowed to smoke in her cubicle. She's a big smoker and didn't want to ruin her rhythm with having to go out. But then the company policy changed and she's no longer allowed to smoke inside the office. So, once in a while, she goes out to smoke. I guess it also depends on the job you do. :dunno: Her job was analysing stuff. As long as she has the papers with her, and her brain, she can still do her job while smoking outside. It would be different if you're serving a restaurant for example. Once you're out of the service area, you can't do your job at the same time.

Anyway, I think smoking breaks should be tolerated as much as you tolerate restroom or coffee breaks in the office.


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Smoking breaks should not be allowed. It has nothing to do with loosing 5 minutes of manpower, what annoys me is they return to work and they stink to high heaven. Think about it if an employee has diabolical body odour they would be asked to shower, if a woman uses excessive perfume she should be asked to tone it down, yet a smoker is allowed to smell:confused:.

I remember getting told off by an employer when I was younger for not shaving one day. She reprimanded me through yellow stained teeth whilst stinking of tobacco, it was really disgusting. If people want to smoke then when they return to work they should be fit and presentable for the job, and that includes smelling correct.