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Smoking banned outdoors in NYC


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No longer just an indoor-ban, smoking in open spaces is now banned in New York City.

The law, which Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed in February after it was passed by the New York City Council, will make smoking illegal in New York City's 1,700 parks and on the city's 14 miles of public beaches. Smoking will also be prohibited in pedestrian plazas like Times Square.
New York City outdoor smoking ban begins - CNN

The indoor ban was one thing, but is this perhaps a little too far? The ban is designed to help curb exposure to secondhand smoke as well as reduce litter. Thoughts?


This ban goes over the top. I think there is a lot more natural damage in the atmosphere than the actual smoke. Dusts and smog are more life-risky than smoking in an open area.


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I understand why they are doing it, and I think, in a sense, it is good. However, I do think it is going a bit far as well. I think it would be realistic to have designated smoking areas in these areas and if caught smoking away from those areas, then be repremanded.

I personally think it is a smoker's responsibility to have common courtesy and attempt to smoke away from crowds of people and to pick up their litter. I always made a point to isolate myself from people when I would smoke and would never smoke directly around nonsmokers, as I found it disrespectful. I know we can't rely on people to do such things and not throw their butts down.. So I'm torn on it, but it does seem a bit extreme to me.


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Sorry peeps, but hey, they do what they gotta do.
I'm not going against it, because I am a NON-smoker, never smoked a day in my life. I know I have said that before, but I am so damn proud of me for that, it was worth repeating :)
But, I really do think it is taking things a bit too far.


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Well, it's not a total ban. Just in parks and whatnot. Cigerattes were banned at Venice Beach too (where you can completely smell weed walking along where the street performers and trinket hawkers are), and I just smoked semi-discreetly along with every smoker in our group. In fact, I seem to remember doing a whole lot of covert smoking while in California. Ideally, they should just set up designated smoking areas, with y'know, an ashtray for people. That would seem to go a bit further towards reducing litter, imho.
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Ideally, they should just set up designated smoking areas, with y'know, an ashtray for people. That would seem to go a bit further towards reducing litter, imho.
See, I can get behind that idea. It's a decent middle-ground.


I may be one of few but I think this is a great idea! I wish smoking outdoors in busy areas was banned everywhere. I hate walking through the streets to go to the shops and having to walk through great clouds of disgusting cigarette smoke. I don't see how it's taking it too far at all. If people want to poison their own bodies with this disgusting habit then they can do it in their own time and space, a space which is far away from the general public.


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We have something similar in my town of Calabasas. You're not allowed to smoke outside unless you're in a designated area. I mean, it'd be nice if people didn't smoke, but are we sure that we need new laws restricting personal activity?