Smoking Ban in Bars?


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First of all, I don't smoke and don't really have the desire to start. That being said, I still think it is ridiculous that many cities are now enforcing smoking bans in bars. (These cities first initiated city wide smoking bans in public areas with bars excluded).

I am not a big bar hopper either, but even so I think if somebody wants to go to a bar and smoke, more power to them. Seriously, who goes to a bar and complains about the smoke? It's a BAR people... Many bars are now being fined thousands of dollars because they are not enforcing the anti-smoking laws. They claim that they are losing a ton of business because people are going to the bars that are breaking the rules and allowing smoking. Heck, if I smoked and frequented bars I doubt I would be very happy going to a bar and not being able to light up.

Seriously though, I hate cigarettes and everything that they stand for. There is no denying the fact that people who smoke are shortening their life in almost every case, and many times are welcoming lung cancer into their body. I'm NOT for smoking and do not recommend it, HOWEVER, for those people who are good with it and understand the risk, I don't think they should be denied being able to smoke in a bar. I actually don't mind the smoking bans in normal restaurants and other public city areas, because second hand smoke is killing people as well. I just think that in a place such as a bar that people should be able to make grown up decisions about their smoking habits.

Keep in mind that by "bar" I don't necessarily mean a sports bar that is also a restaurant. I'm talking about real bars, where the primary money maker is beer sales and not wings.


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Honestly, I feel that if they are going to regulate it down to just smoking in homes (some places you can't smoke in your car), then what's the point? Just ban the stuff altogether.

Oh, wait, they won't because they make tons of sweet, sweet tax money from it.


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They have a smoking ban here in ohio and I don't mind the new law at all. It just feels great coming home not smelling like smoke. They are making a final draft to the law and there are a few places here that allows people to smoke until the law goes into effect.


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I'm in favor of the smoking ban too, but I still think that bars should be exempt. If somebody wants to go to a bar and have a smoke and some beers I don't see how they should be denied the smoke. It's a bar for crying out loud. Nobody cares if people smoke there.

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I agree with Andrew on this one. If your going to a bar, you expect/accept certain things, drinking, dancing, flirting....and da-ta-dada...smoking.
It's part of the atmosphere, if you don't like it, don't go. JMO


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smokin and drinking go hand in hand. you should be allowed to smoke in bars. designated smoking areas need to exist. people should have the freedom to smoke, but people should ahve the freedom to be exempt from smoke as well.


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I actually agree with smoking bans in public and in bars. If you're going to do something that not only kills yourself, but also harms other people, I think it should be done in the privacy of your own home or car.


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I think it's more sensible to legalize cocaine use in bars than cigarette use. Lot's of people like to rip a few lines while they're drinking and it doesn't affect anyone around them.


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As long as the bar says that they're a Smoking or Nonsmoking establishment, I don't see a point of banning them from bars. The bar owner should be allowed to decide what they want. If you don't like it, that's too bad.

Granted I think smoking is disgusting and nothing but a representation of someone's mental frailty, but people should be allowed to do what they want with themselves and if they have warning it's fair.