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smokey/gradient background tutorial [beginners]


O N03Z!!! 4 /V0Z!!!
In this tutorial you will learn to make his very easy yet stylish background.

Step:1 Make a new document any size. I used 425x100

Step:2 Take your gradient tool and set it to differance.

Step:3 Basicly go crazy on the canvas and you'll get something like this. (press D before you do this.)

Step:4 Now go to Filter>Disort>Wave.

Step:5 Press randomise until it looks nice and wavy. You will get something like this.

Step:6 Now press CTRL J. Set it to lighten

Step:7 Go to Edit>Transform>Flip Horizontal. You will get something like this.

Then press CTRL E to flatten

Step:8 (optional) Go to image ajustment invert for a more dark look.

Step:9 For color go to the little half circle at the bottom of the layers pallete and go to hue saturation. Check off colorize. i chose 200/50/-30 for mine

End result
no invert:


If you want to make this tut look more abstract follow these instructions

Step:1 Take the finished product of the tut above ^^. if you added color go to image> adjustments> dasturate.

Step:2 Now go to FILTER>STYLEIZE>FIND EDGES. Now press CTRL I. If it turns out completly black thats ok.

Step:3 Colorize it by doing the same thing you did before. If it was completly bkack when you inverted it just put more lightness on it.

Finished product. wow kinda resembles
a bird lol


l 7SIN Sasori l
This works AWESOME. Use his tutorial.

If you want proof...here is what I did.



nice tut ^_^ but about the 2nd direction...how do u go crazy ryt there?....


O N03Z!!! 4 /V0Z!!!
set the gradient to differance. the way to do this is at the top. where it says normal click it then go to difference. then click and drag all over the place on the canvas. btw i had permission from blur to submit this. i couldnt but sephiroth did


Great tutorial, I'll modify this post once I have tried it for myself. Awesome effect man.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Great job my friend, you help someone make something, which is really cool in my book. Keep it up, I really like your thing Sephiroth it's really good, especially if it's your first time. I also like your moose.


l 7SIN Sasori l
It's my first time with using his tutorial, but yeah I haven't done anything like that before althoguh I have created some sigs in my day...crappy ones...but sigs just the same.

Thanks for your compliment, and all props to my friend Moose.


blue 3
Wow dude; thats fun! Great tut! First time using Photoshop (just got Photoshop CS2)



O N03Z!!! 4 /V0Z!!!
0.0 omg the colored one is like awesome. its so pretty.is that the whole tut w/ the find edges and everything? and did u d/l it of lime wire or buy it?