Smoker's Paradise.


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This is the general smoking thread. Tell your stories, favorite smoking techniques, what you use, anything you want about smoking marijuana.

If you have funny stories about tobacco, feel free to post them to.

My best story about smoking pot was when I was with my brother at his and my sister's grad party. My parents were not 10 yards away, but they were so drunk they didn't notice me and him smoking a joint right there.

Another story is over April vacation, I went to Vermont and stayed with my two cousins, who are identical twins, at their apartment for a week. All we did was smoke from a hookah, smoked some pot, played video games, and skateboarded. One of the best times ever.

My techniques for smoking are just passing in a circle. I've never actually smoked alone.. Doesn't seem very fun.

I usually smoke from a pipe, or a bowl, as we call it here, But I have smoked joints and blunts. Never smoked from a bong.

Also, 500th post FTW.


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Awesome idea Twitch, I wonder how you came up with it? :lol: Congrats on the 500 posts. I'll have to think back over some of my funnier experiences and get back to this thread later.


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I haven't ever smoked out of a bong either. All that smoke at once seems a little overwhelming.
I usually just stick with bowls or joints.

As far as techniques, yea, just the good old puff(s) and pass in a circle. However I do smoke alone sometimes.

A memorable moment for me? Umm awhile back, me and a few girlfriends were smoking when we came up with the great idea to paint our nails and play dress up (we were about 16). Nail polish ended up everywhere, including all over our hands cuz we were laughing so hard. We ended up dressing like boys, complete with mustaches. It was fun.


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It's usually a bong for me. I use a bowl for convenience and the rare joint.

I can't really say I have a ton of stories involving pot. I usually just play video games and eat.