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  1. Chaos

    Chaos Epic Gamer V.I.P. Lifetime

    When using smileys, do you type them out (i.e. :smiley:), or select them from the smiley window/box?

    I prefer to type them out because it's far easier to do for me. Almost every time I click a smiley to use, it appears at the top of the reply window. :-/ However, sometimes I do click them (like the one I just used) if I don't remember what to type. :D (That was a type xD)

  2. ancredelamour

    ancredelamour Registered Member

    I usually just find them in the smiley box. The ones here confuse me more than any others I've ever dealt with!
  3. Major

    Major 4 legs good 2 legs bad V.I.P.

    I usually use quick reply, so the smiley box isn't even there. Most of the smilies that I like I remember how to type them, so that's easier than the other way.
  4. ysabel

    ysabel /ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5

    What Echoes said.

    There are times though when I have a smiley in mind but I forgot the code, so I click on the smiley link to find it.
  5. Malificus

    Malificus Likes snow

    The few times I use them I choose them specifically. I don't use smileys enough to write them off the top of my head
  6. Rebeccaaa

    Rebeccaaa yellow 4!

    I type them out if I know them, and press them off the list if I don't. I don't know that many on GF so I'll usually do the latter.
  7. Nixola

    Nixola Boom Boom Pow!

    I dont use the smileys that often to be honest, if I do its usually the ones that I know how to type. If I really want a smiley that I dont know how to type I will choose from the list, but I use "quick reply" 90% of the time, so its not very often that I choose from the list.
  8. English-Emo-Boy

    English-Emo-Boy Supreme System Lord V.I.P. Lifetime

    On here I always have to find them as I rarely use smileys in my posts.

    On Messenger though I know most the bog standard smileys so I'll type them.
  9. Blueyes

    Blueyes Registered Member

    Haven't a clue what the codes for the smileys are as I use quick reply, if they happen to show up after I type in what I think are smileys bonus for me.
  10. Bliss

    Bliss Sally Twit

    I always select them from the box. I don't use them all the time so I don't mind doing it the long winded way.

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