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what? no pink?
I can't seem to use the smileys on other forums. When I make a reply they are blocked out. everywhere except this forum. lol Also I replied to a thread in the gaming forum and mentioned that I could not use the smileys and it got removed :mad: I was like sheesh I did have something to say about gaming, it was just that it was there that I noticed that I could not use them. Anyway to lazy to reply to it again LOL not that it was anything profound anyway :D


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Game Forum used to have a measure that wouldn't let you use certain features until you had a set amount of posts. That was probably a left over from those days because I can use them.


what? no pink?
maybe game forum just doesn't like me :-/


Secret Agent
Staff member
There have been some glitches lately but I think most of them are fixed by now..

A for the smilees, I checked and you had :/ but forgot the - in the middle of it. :-/


Could that be the problem? I fixed it in your post and it seems to be working now. :)
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