Smile! You work at Starbucks.


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Me and Syndicate went to a place called Caffé Nero this morning to get him a hot drink (before he left me to visit his parents :cry:) and I noticed that every person that worked there were very fake. They had these huge smiles on their faces and would try and make jokes with all the customers.
Don't get me wrong, I know it's their job to be friendly and chatty etc but when it's that fake and in your face it really annoys me.

Do any of you work at a place where you have to be like that, or have you ever experienced it and found it to be over the top?


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yeah nobody is ever genuinely happy at work! but i found when i was working in my last job (which i absolutely hated) i was generally happy and pleasant when dealing with customers, making chit chat and whatnot. I'm a sociable person by nature and it just helped me get through the day to be honest. But i know what you mean about when people are told to do it and it seems a bit fake. You don't really see it too much in town where i am though. People either seem genuinely nice or completely miserable.

To be honest, i prefer it to someone being miserable behind the counter. Which you see a lot of here. (They don't seem to have brought in the compulsory happiness rule yet!)


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i used to work at best buy so we had to be very friendly to the costumers. Well, I guess I'd say it wasn't fake there though cause most people actually enjoy their job.


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I work in a bar where I have to pretend everyone is very interesting and the current highlight of my life because I have nothing better to do then get paid such low wages with ridiculously crap hours.

So, yes.
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I have expreienced it at Tesco a few times when the till people are just way too in your face and talkative. Also in a few high street shops I have came across this before. It is quite annoying when people do that, but I guess I would prefer it to some rude or grumpy worked who scowled all the time.
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I worked at a fastfood place (first job) and I had this pasted smile on my face most of the time. At the end of the day, my feet and and my jaw hurt. I remember too when there was a time when all workers at McD were being over friendly. They greeted you even before you get to the counter. I think they probably have a Ms and Mr Congeniality contest in that store that time. But with everyone trying to be over-welcoming, I felt like they're attacking me haha.

In my other work, I have to keep a neutral face whenever I attend consultations or counseling sessions. It's just as hard as trying to smile all the time. Sometimes I hear really crappy and ridiculous stories that I like to burst out laughing but no, I had to be calm and neutral.


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My last retail job I had to be all smiles and greet every guest that pass by me and ask them if they needed any help. Sometimes I was in a happy mood and didn't mind smiling, but on other occasions I might of been pissed off and didnt want to smile but had to do it because it was the policy.

It's all about appearance, some people might find it annoying, but if you smile to the customers and be friendly than it makes it a better experience for the guest.


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I worked at a liqour store in my hometown for two years. At first I tried to be as helpful as possible and all smiles. No matter how hard I tried I had to deal with beligerant drunks all day for 54 hours a week. I was the only employee and by the end of the third month I was sick and tired of being nice to people who would ride in on their lawnmowers because their license was suspended, just to have them insult me in return.

By the end of the third month I was routinely telling the customers to kiss my ass. I was completly sick of their crap. Around that time the customers started to love me. I got invited to every single party in town. I even went to some and was introduced as "The liquor store guy (you don't wanna mess with him)"

I'm claiming to be billy badass or anything, but it was very gratifying to drop that fake smile and let my customers know what I actually thought of them. I kept my job until I quit to find better pay. It all worked out in the wash.
Do any of you work at a place where you have to be like that, or have you ever experienced it and found it to be over the top?

Yeah I work in a shop and we're told to smile and be friendly, but I'd do it anyway. Makes the shift pass a bit quicker if people chat to you whilst you're scanning, and they don't do that if you aren't friendly in the first place. I have been to places though where it is very over the top. But when I'm smiling etc at work its not fake because I actually enjoy working there, sometimes. :cute:
Yeah that sure was a spoonful. It was the same look and tone my mother gave the doctors when I was born. Does my nut in. I figure they must repeat the same lines over and over as none of the other staff raised an eyebrow, let alone a smile.