Smelnick's Music


Creeping On You
#61 my most latest song.

i hear no footsteps I just feel the air, the cool air on my face I think its called the breeze
trying my best not to step on the cracks, I not superstitious, but I still do it with ease
its been dark for too long to call it still day but many hours of dark still do remain
and I'm still walking im avoiding the cracks, well, except one or two, but what's a broken back
maybe I should just goto bed
but I'm stuck here walking instead
my brains stuck on overdrive
despite attempts to pacify
i'm walking just to clear my head

at this time of night you can hear the leaves falling, bouncing and flipping, crackling and snapping
the leaves on the trees, a brown and shriveled, there's leaves underfoot, they crinkle and rustle
I look around to see who might watching, then I run through the leaves, kick them up in the air
just to see where they land, where the wind will blow them, now my soaked through, that was actually a puddle
maybe I should just head back home
but I'm stuck walking instead
my brain stuck on overdrive
i'm glaring at the passersby
I'm weary from the thoughts in my head

but still I walk, the sweat runs down my back
but I still walk, I start to feel the chill
but I still walk, as the the sun begins
but I still walk, and now I'm chowing down some food