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Smelnick's Breakout into Acting


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When I told him I was making a pair of photofilms for a film class, the guy begged me to let him star in both. I had two other actresses and he demanded I rewrite the script to eject them. He spent more time skulking in the trailer I had to buy for him than actually making movies!

:lol: They turned out pretty okay:

YouTube - Highway

YouTube - Duplicity


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Loved 'em. Great job. :)

There's probably no facial acting on Earth like Danny's!


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I am most impressed! Smelnick played great characters in both. I like the fun of the first, but I love the drama of the second.

Very nice work in this. :)

I would very much like to know how to do this kind of thing.
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Very cool. Nice work, guys. I think I liked the second one better. The music in it was great.


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And a Smelnick... :lol:
But srsly, the op is a complete lie; when I decided to make a character driven silent photograph film, the first thing I thought was 'I need Danny!!' The guy is like pure, unrestrained character, which is perfect for this kind of stuff. If there was such a thing as 'facial acting', he'd be at the top. :lol: