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Smelnick Silences a Bot


Creeping On You
Any of you guys ever get one of those bots that add you on yahoo messenger and all they do is try to get you to watch them do naughty things on cam? I decided to see how long they'd go on for talking about it hehehe.

diannbrillaw058: Was up there...
smelnick87: hi
diannbrillaw058: hey
smelnick87: how are you
diannbrillaw058: I feel great today
smelnick87: thats awesome. where do i know you from again?
diannbrillaw058: whats up.. found ur screename on a member directory of social sites.. lol not sure which one cause it 'bundles em all together lol
smelnick87: oh i see
diannbrillaw058: i'm bored at home...usually leads to bad things haha
smelnick87: i see
diannbrillaw058: well.... i kinda have a fetish for being on camera, do you like to cam at all??
smelnick87: So where do I know you from again?
diannbrillaw058: have you ever used.. MyRandomCam?? its a free site that uses yahoo cam to let us chat live and do whatever we want without anyone seeing hehe..
smelnick87: No i haven't, so I guess that's not where I know you from.
diannbrillaw058: here, click this -linkbaleted-
smelnick87: No
diannbrillaw058: go there and my video will load, just click the "Verify" button on the bottom left...its 100% free to join you only need a credit card to verify that you are over 18 ;p
smelnick87: no
diannbrillaw058: i love the site cause its streams fast in real-time... fill out your info, its free k?
smelnick87: i'm gonna block you now
diannbrillaw058: i use this site to play on cause i don't want to be recorded!...this site doesn't allow people to record my cam! just click the "Verify" button on the bottom left of the page and we'll be able to have a live chat
smelnick87: No
diannbrillaw058: credit card is just to verify your age, u get in for free thru my cam session invite since I'm a premium member, but u need to verify babe just click the Verify button it takes one sex..sorry "sec" lol
smelnick87: I don't have a credit card. Can I just mail you the money? Whats you're address
diannbrillaw058: there's no $$ involved!!
smelnick87: Then I can watch through your window
diannbrillaw058: let me know if you need any help logging in..i'm gonna slip into something nice for you..k?
smelnick87: It's just like being on cam, but I have the option of throwing a rock through the glass, and coming in to participate.
diannbrillaw058: im the girl in the main video that loads
smelnick87: I'm the guy in your main window
diannbrillaw058: k
diannbrillaw058: are u in babe??
smelnick87: No not yet, you'll know when I'm in, trust me.
diannbrillaw058 is typing...
diannbrillaw058: k
smelnick87: You won't see me coming (but I guess I'll see you ;) )
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Absolutely hilarious!