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Smelling stuff.


I have this strange habit of smelling the magazines before buying some.
Or even when I buy a new book, the first thing I do is smell its papers and notice their quality.
Mostly, I love the odor of a papers in a new magazine.

I also smell my clothes before and after washing them.

What do you smell?


Living in Ikoria
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I smell new books and sometimes older books, too. I love the smell of pages for sure...it's just always awesome, and a part of reading books that will probably keep me from ever buying an eReader.

It's not an object but if it rains in the spring I'll pretty often open a window and see if that after rain smell is around, you can't beat it.


I ♥ Haters
I don't really smell stuff in the store unless I'm buying deodorant or perfume (which, let's be honest, you have to smell to buy the right one.) Apart from those, nothing really comes to mind.

But like Unity, I love to open the window after a rainstorm because I love the smell of the atmosphere after it rains.


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Cars. You can tell if the owner is a smoker and it makes me gag and wanna walk.

Bathrooms, if they reek of piss as soon as you enter, I exit faster than when I went in.


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I smell my food. All of the time. If it is about to go in my mouth, I will smell it to know if I won't die of horrid taste sensations. I also smell my clothes for body odors... kinda natural, I guess.


aka ginger warlock
I am kinda the same with magazines, I like the small of the glue or whatever the smell is, I also like the smell of dvd and game cases, I don't know why but I do - oh and I also like the smell of petrol, is that wrong?


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I smell flowers cuz some dont smell very much and some are really strong and some stink. I smell incense cuz i like all the different smells they have. I smell food cuz I like to cook and I want to know if its cooking right. I smell my friends sometimes too so i can say things about them, lol.


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I used to have to smell the cd booklet of a new music album I bought. I loved the smell of that. I don't do that anymore since I get all my music off Amazon. But I do still buy books and I love smelling the pages.