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Smart Glasses


Registered Member
A pair of "smart glasses" might help blind people navigate an unfamiliar environment by recognizing objects or translating signs into speech, scientists say.
Blindness is not one of my favorite subjects to talk about, but this project in England might spell hope for those who are visually impaired to blind. There are 2 million people in the U.K. who are visually impaired and around 30,000 who are blind due to a whole number of diseases.

'Smart glasses' could help the blind navigate in unfamiliar territory - NBC News.com


Free Spirit
Staff member
This reminds me of Jordy on Star Trek the Next Generation. He was blind but the glasses he wore let him see.

I think this will be a plus for blind people, it will keep them from being so dependent on others. Which is something anyone would hate. Someday they might can grow a blind person a whole new eye ball. Now that will be fantastic.


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I'm not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, it's helpful to a blind person, but on the other hand it's technology. Tech breaks all the time, something like this would be crucial to have working at all times though, if it broke then it would be endangering someone's life. There's also the possibility that the programming will fail and not pick up on something that it really ought to.

I don't think that service dogs will really be replaced in the near future.