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TV Smallville

What can you say about Smallville...you either love it or you hate it. This thread is about anything Smallville even the recent last season. What do you think about it, what could have been done different, what characters shouldn't have been in the show?

I think the show is good but like any other tv show it not only has it's bad episodes it also has it's bad seasons too. Season 1 was alright the freak of the week deal got old real quick, and it's the only season that I thought Lana was ok...after that she was horrible. Season 2 was pretty good but I thought the whole Jor-El wanting Clark to start his journey should have happened more towards the middle than at the end, and either in the middle or at the end of this Season in where Lana should have been written out of the show. Season 3 was just ok to me, I didn't really think anything major happened here. Season 4 was bad to me, the whole three stones story arc was good but they messed it up pretty bad and it was drawn out for much longer than it should have been, this story arc shouldn't have made it to the middle of the season...actually I think this story arc should have taken place in Season 3. What should have happened was Kal-El retrieve the first stone like he did in the show, then search for and retrieve the second, but as he reenters the cave Martha Kent uses the Black Kryptonite and brings back Clark, then the next 5 or 6 episodes could be about Clark retrieving the final stone.

Season 5 was pretty good but once again what made in unenjoyable was once again Lana. But what made this season great was Brainiac...he was spot on. Lionel was this season good too, and I really enjoyed Lionel being an Oracle for Jor-El. Season 6 was pretty decent for me, but starting with Season 6 started Smallville's terrible payoff fights. Green Arrow is what really got me pumped for this season though, the whole capturing the free'd Phantoms was good too. Season 7 was just ok to me, the whole The Traveler story arc was very boring to me, and I hated they changed Blue Kryptonite, if you read the comics it makes Superman stronger not takes his powers away...so I have always been against that change in Smallville.

I didn't like Season 8 at all, the whole build up for Doomsday was too boring for me to even follow, the whole idea that Doomsday is a transformation is stupid as it is, then this payoff fight was the worst in Smallville, the only thing I did like was the Legion episode. I loved Season 9 from the start, Zod is my favorite Superman Villain. I thought Callum Blue's Zod was very close to Terence Stamp's Zod. Callum Blue's Zod could be considered just the much younger Zod. If you have not seen Season 9 or 10 then do not read below Huge Spoilers.

I thought Absolute Justice was really good, but they messed up Hawkman's costume pretty bad, I love how Dr. Fate looked and that he hinted at that Lex was still alive and would return, I thought Martha Kent being the Red Queen was an interesting idea it would keep everyone off Clark's back while he saves the world. In the Season 9 Finale when we see the Superman shield reflect off Clark's eye made me so happy.

So far I think isn't doing too bad, I never thought Smallville would EVER bring Darkseid in...not with their bad reputation of payoff fights. By now Clark should be flying, and I hope real soon they throw the glasses on him too. I do like what their doing though, this opens the door for Clark to disappear for a while to learn to fly and receive his training in the Fortress...I believe if Clark returns to the Fortress flying than Jor-El will let him train. I also think the Finale should be like Absolute Justice, it should be more like the length of a movie and now 45 minutes...

Now everyone else's turn...What's your thoughts on the show and where it is?
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