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Discussion in 'Movies & TV' started by kajin_phoenixlord, May 15, 2006.

  1. What did you guys think about the finale of Smallville this year. I thought it was a really good cliffhanger and at the same time you hate that so much. This year it looks like things have gone from bad to worse this season. I'd like to see what chaos will be caused by General Zod. I just hope I get to hear him say, "Kneel Before Zod!" lol That's a classic.

  2. Escobar

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    They did a really good job of making me dislike Lana...what a skeet >_<

    Yeah I was really into smallville back when it came out, and while my interest kinda died down a little, sometimes I throw it back and get a little too into it while watching...I was actually pretty pissed at Lana throughout the whole Lex thing =\

    My guess is it's gonna run the same Smallville course though...good cliff hanger at the end and a good first episode the next season (or first two or three, or somethin). Then things go back to normal, anyone who saw Clark do something forgets, they go to the freak of the weeks and meh episodes so that every maybe 4 or 5 episodes are actually really good. At the end, they run the last 3-4 good episodes, do a cliffhanger, then do it all over...damn them =(
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    I am huge fan of Smallville. I thought the season finale for season for was phenomenal. I like Lana and was upset to see her stand by Lex's side(who is actually Zod). I can't wait to get this season when it comes out on dvd. I own the first four. I actually have a question about Zod. Is he Brainiac? My brother claims that he is? Only he also said something about how Brainiac(according to the comics doesn't take over Lex Luther. I don't know. I was just curious if anyone knew the answer to my question.
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    Apparently Milton Fine is Braniac, though I'm not too fimiliar with the actual superman story...I just know that he's supposed to be braniac =\

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