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Smallest town in US, is auctioned


aka ginger warlock
Source: BBC News

A town billed as the smallest in the US has sold at auction for $900,000 (£568,504).

Two unidentified Vietnamese men placed the winning bid for Buford, in the state of Wyoming, on Thursday.

It includes a school house, a petrol station, a three-bedroom home with a cabin and a general store.
I have to be honest, I didn't know you could "buy" a town, I am not exactly how it works and I guess it must but this is just a little bizarre. That being said it is kind a cool idea of owning your own town and being able to do what you wish with it, could you technically make your own laws in your town or does it still depend on state laws?

If you had the chance to move to this area would you? Do you like the idea of being in a town where you could be by yourself?


I've seen things like this before, where whole towns or whole islands have gone up for auction. If I was a millionaire with too much money for my own good I would totally buy something like this.


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Yeah, you can def buy a whole town in America. You can even buy an island in the Pacific ocean. :nod: I don't know everything about it but they'll prolly have to pay huge property taxes to the government. They can't make laws but they can make city ordinances for the police to enforce. But hey, I don't think that town will be a place to be alone, lol.

I know some Vietnamese shop owners and students. They are Very ambitious. They'll prolly get backers and developers and build that town into a small city. And there will prolly be a casino too cause they def like to gamble. :D
I def wanna watch and see what they do with it!


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I'd definitely love to buy a small town and then buy little properties around and try to expand it as much as possible and create an amazing town!