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small republic and utopia


New Member
The small republic seems to violate rights. Nevetheless, it is the direction that futurists say will save the species after the coming collapse of civiliation. Further, the small republic seems to resemble utopian scenarios. How does one preserve rights and the species at the same time?

Alternatively, the large republic seems to control citizens by allowing them the luxury of indifference. Indifference threatens the survival of the republic and the rights of the individual. Loyalty and values of obedience must be internalized, but this internalization process for individuals requires trusting the leadership. Is that possible in the large republic?


Lion Rampant
Welcome to General Forum, utopia. I may have some thoughts on the subject, but I'm curious: why are you asking this very specific, graduate-level question? To be frank with you, it sounds like something from a sociology course and I don't much like the idea of getting conned into doing somebody else's homework without getting paid.