Small change (money)


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Do you save your small change? For example your penny's and coins of small amounts?

If so where do you keep them? I do save my small change, once my purse gets a bit too full I tend to empty it of all the small change, I keep it in a bottle that I cut the top off of. :lol: coz i dont have anywhere else to keep it. I keep meaning to get a piggy bank or something.

Also, if you do save your small change, do you find it amusing to count it? or do you find it a total chore? For me it can be quite fun.... but after a while I get really bored of it!

So what about you?


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I put all my coins in a jar at the end of the day. Don't know why!! Every now and again i sort them out and take then down to the bank.
Every now and again, my grandma makes me count all my change :stare:


I HATE change, so I spose I like getting rid of it as soon as possible. When theres enough, I count it and take it to the bank to be changed in to notes.


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I never have any small change to save. I tend to spend every penny. ;)

Or I just forget where I put it down when I empty my pockets...


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I have a couple of old tins that i keep small change in,1s,2s,and 5s,when they get full i take them down to the local supermarket that has a change machine,tip them all in and get it changed for notes,i think it costs 7 p in every pound,then i either get some stuff in for the house or treat the kids to something.


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I do save my small change.

I have an old ashtray on my desk that I empty my pocket into everytime I enter the house, I then remove the 5p, 2p & 1p and put them in a an old cookie jar I also have on my desk.

When I go out I just grab a handful of change from the ashtray. I spend about £60 a month on car parking so I always need lots of coins on me and use all my 10p & 20p for that.


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My family stuffs small chang in this smiley jar that my parents got before i was born. I keep a few quarters and dimes in my wallet. Nickels and pennies can just go to hell


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I keep my change in a jar as well, and when it's full I go to a coin machine that counts it for me and then gives me the money back in paper.

But I save all my pennies in a jar and don't touch those.


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Just recently I turned in about $400 worth of pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters! I have a plastic container that I throw everything but Quarters in (the quarters I keep seperate and roll).


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I don't usually keep it, I use it as soon as I can, I hate to carry around loose change. It's just annoying to be carrying that around in a wallet or your pocket all the time.