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Smackdown discussion: August 6, 2010


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I decided to start making threads for Smackdown now.

I read some of the spoilers already since I won't be able to watch it. There's sort of a pretty big surprise that happens tonight. Some will be happy, and some will not.

From what I read, it seems like it's going to be an enjoyable Smackdown.

Use to this thread to discuss matches and everything that happens on Smackdown.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Hopefully I'll be able to watch it tonight but I'm not sure where I'll be and at what time. I might be back in time...we'll see.

I know its Ziggler vs Kingston for the IC title. I actually hope Kofi wins because I prefer Dolph get it on PPV but I guess I wouldnt complain either way.


I ♥ Haters
Actually I liked SmackDown, it was a pretty good show. I like what they're doing to Kofi Kingston's character. The whole thing with his snapping and taking Ziggler out was great (Although, I was hoping for a few chair shots here and there, but eh, it was okay) I wish Vickie Guerrero would just go away. She is so fucking annoying, I can't stand her.

I have no problem with Cody Rhodes as a wrestler, but I draw the line when the man gives me tips for grooming my eyebrows. And the mainevent was pretty entertaining. Drew McIntyre is probably one of the best wrestlers on SmackDown.


The Rock is cooking atm..
Was pretty good from what I've seen...loved the promo at the beginning, Drew is really good on the mic, and he plays his part very well :)

Didn't get to see the end, but I did catch the Ziggler/Kofi match, and couldn't be any happier for Ziggler winning the IC title, he's been on that waiting list for such a long time....I do wonder if they're going to continue the Kofi feud, or perhaps make him a lot bigger...hmmm

Not bad from what I saw :)
I liked the Taker Kane storyline, but i'm sure their gonna screw it up. However they should've left Mysterio out of it though, they should've used Big Show instead. Not only would it make more sense, but it would be more realistic for them to face off. Because it's not realistic for 5'6 175lbs to face 7' 323lbs. And the whole underdog thing got old 2 years ago.

I mean yea he's fast, but to beat 7 feet 323lbs your gonna need more than just a little speed. So that part is pretty lame, so I hope Taker returns soon, so it'll be more realistic.