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Smackdown discussion August 20, 2010


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I wonder if Undertaker is going to make an appearance tonight, what will Kane say about the whole thing.

What's next for SES? CM Punk left his guys by themselves, and Serena was even mad about the whole situation.

Should be a good show, and I'm looking forward in watching it.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I missed some of the show but made it in time to see one of the best promos I've seen in a long time from Kane. Absolutely brilliant. Love that guy.

Alberto Del Rio made his debut too and beat Mysterio clean with an awesome swinging armbar. I thought the match was slightly boring but he comes off as a real big dickhead...i Liked it for the most part.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I still angry that they removed his mask, but I'm glad he finally made his debut. I'm not surprised that Rey was his first opponent on Smackdown. Hopefully these guys will feud, and Del Rio wins the feud. I was surprised that Rey put him over like that, but glad he did.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Was out and missed the show, but watched Kane's promo (phenomenal) and Del Rio's finish to the match with Rey. I've always been a huge fan of arm submissions, and he did that really well. I like it.


I ♥ Haters
Kane cut an awesome promo, probably the best in a long time.

Serena & Luke Gallows Vs. Kelly & Big Show was okay. Serena Deebs is probably one of the best Divas in the WWE that actually has talent. She was fantastic on the independent circut, so it was obvious she could hold her own in the WWE. I was kinda disappointed though, that Kelly was beating her for a few minutes, because watching Kelly wrestle is just embarrassing.

Kofi Vs. Dolph, I kinda like where this is going, Again, I wish Vicki Guerrero would just go away. What else? Oh yeah, Drew McIntyre's match with Christian was great. I like how Christian pulled a victory outta his ass, that was awesome.

Oh and I take back everything bad I said about Alberto Del Rio. His match with Rey was awesome, although it was bit boring at first. I loved his flip-armbar submission. I'm pretty sure he'll be a title holder by October, maybe even earlier.


In short:

--o Kane - Awesome.
--o Serena & Luke - Serena was terrible in this match. I watched two of her matches during her time in FCW and she did better there than she did here. I don't know what happened, maybe she was just nervous.
--o Kofi & Dolph - Zzzzzzz.... I love Kofi and I love Dolph, but how many frekin' times are we going to see this SAME match over and over again? Ok, we get it, Dolph beats Kofi. Can we give Dolph a new opponent now?
--o Alberto - My only complain about Alberto is his attire. I believe he would look MUCH better if he wore white khaki pants while wrestling. These trunks that everybody is wearing needs to go. Everything else was solid. =D